Jessica Sanchez will be Successful Regardless

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This week’s American Idol episode featured three songs from each contestant.  The first song was the judges’ choice, the second was the contestant’s choice and the third was AI mentor Jimmy Iovine’s choice.

For Jessica Sanchez’ first song, it was Jennifer Lopez who picked the song.   She selected Mariah Carey’s “My All”.

The performance was excellent, prompting AI judge Steven Tyler to say, “When you sing, you make people hang on your every note”  adding: “I hope you get used to encores. And on another crazy note, I think you’ll be the last person standing there.”

Jennifer said that towards the middle of the song she could tell that it was a hard song to sing, but Jessica was still able to “do it beautifully”.

For round two, it was the contestant’s choice.  Jessica selected for herself  Aerosmith’s “I don’t want to miss a thing”.  I remember saying to myself  “whoa!”.  That is Steven Tyler’s song and I knew that if she did not make this song convincing, that this could spell the end for Jessica.  In the past, Steven Tyler has been hard on contestants who attempted to sing one of his own hits, but he was full of praise for Jessica this time, saying, “You took a great song and made it greater.”  It was a gutsy move for Jessica.  But she pulled it off.

For round three, it was Jimmy Iovine’s choice and he chose Jackson Five/Michael Jackson’s “I’ll be there”.  The song allowed Jessica to showcase her entire range — both high and low — but none of the vocal runs she does so easily.  Jennifer commented that Jessica sounded like Michael Jackson and thought it was a good choice, but Randy said he didn’t love it — it was “just OK, it wasn’t like ‘Ohmigod.’”

I think I share this belief with many American Idol followers that Jessica Sanchez already has a very good music career path that’s been laid out for her regardless of the outcome of American Idol Season 11.  She has the charisma, the poise, the experience to have a very successful career.   With so many supporters in the music industry already rooting for her (including previous Idol contestants/winners), I think it is safe to say there are already a few producers out there lined up to sign her up.

I can already hear her songs on the radio 🙂

As an added treat, here’s a Youtube video with Jessica singing a Tagalog song (“Ikaw”):

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