It’s the Man of Petty Issues, or Nothing…..

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A handful of days towards the much anticipated election in history, the heat intensifies and the survey is clearly being manipulated, “of course”, favoring one ignorant and under-stressed candidate who thinks millennials are that stupid.. As they feature it on biased networks, gradually, he will excel on surveys and allegedly, will rank almost equal to the topnotch-er, rather not that clear-cut.. And as the eagle of Davao continues to soar above people’s high aspirations & president abnoy has already switched to panic-mode, the rivals just got more desperate and unleashed even better strategy of character assassination.. Recently, they already released their “hopefully” one last straw..

I’m talking about this wacko, undomesticated pet, claiming the man they have been pulling down ever since, is as corrupt as it is hard to swallow.. And if you are still in a baffled state of mind, having your fair share of smoke-screen, they have already diverted you from the apparent hocus pocus they are currently performing on overseas absentee voting results all because you are so thrown by their deceptive BANKO SERYE. The same way as you are so hooked for dolce amore, and jadine fever.. Such a smart move, at least for them, to steer the automated election that they believe will help them to justify the twisted results they were already plotting for, long time ago.. At the end of this exciting race, this is what they want to serve for the anticipating people.. They are so persistent and they will not give up in just a snap so for one last moment, they will still try their usual demonizing tactics whether or not its as effective as the pre-internet era.. Oh by that way, hindi kami ganyan ka-tanga mga ser… Unfortunately, whatever you are trying cook for us, we can never stomach that anymore.. We are tired, we are frustrated, and most of us are already desperate.. And what is best to do when you get “that” desperate??

This generation is not 1986, no more.. Period of lies and one sided mainstream media have been phased out to give way for much needed insightful ideologies.. That ship has already sailed and in the near future, will sink right before your eyes, and if you are really unlucky, you are about to go down with that nugatory ship that you built.. This is the digital age and credible information is overflowing from even more relevant SOCIAL MEDIA.. People are still sane, contrary to your expectations..

Kami ang mga paslit ng dekada otsenta at nobenta.. Mga wala pang kakayanang bumoto ng mga panahong yun, at bagamat hindi ko pwedeng isisi sa kanila pero ito ang gobyernong pamana ng aking mga magulang sa aming magkakapatid, daang liko-liko, punum-puno ng pasakit.. At sa kasalukuyan, kaming mga dating paslit na nasa edad na ngayon para pumili at mag-isip, ang siyang nagtitiis sa gobyernong bulok.. Going through this rough road, we as parents of the present day, have decided not to let our children walk over the same road that will lead them to uncertainty.. We have no plans to make the same mistakes our parents have already done, putting their trust on the wrong people.. Hindi ito ang klase ng gobyernong plano kong ipamana sa mga anak at apo ko, specially when there is still a spark of positivity awaiting in the long run.—-

I am a proud Filipino but I’m currently residing abroad, why? Because I once lost faith to my country even to its undisciplined people.. I cannot allow myself to dwell on the miserable zone, and in the future, I can never allow my children to be deprived by my incapability to provide for them, for that I tried my luck seeking a better life I thought I can find abroad, which is already impossible to accomplish in my own country.. From being an OFW myself, I found love and develop that great relationship with a Swiss gentleman.. Once we took our partnership to the next level, I did not waste any time for I know that rare opportunity like this only comes once.. Oportunista? Maybe, but its unnecessary to explain myself more further. The love and all the stuffs that we are about to share together is our private matter.. I won’t justify the actions I have done to improve my life.. After all, who will refuse a very nice opportunity? And I am very welcome for all the judgements because its one part of a person’s right to react and I see nothing wrong with it, as long as it will not get physical.. So its time to cross countries from Asia -to- Europe.. To start with, there was fear.. I know not many can make it good in another country as far as Europe.. Strange culture, language barrier, less number of Filipinos to befriend, sadness and homesickness, that in some cases could lead to depression..

I held on, much stronger on my dream of a well changed life, I kept my faith on my husband whom I believe, to lead me in this uncertain journey.. but most of all, I need to trust myself that i can do this without depending to much with him… I was just very hopeful that he will not fail me, or at least, won’t hurt me and provide the peace of mind that I’ve been longing for many years.. I will say that the first 3 years were not easy much more with the first 6 months of adjustment period.. Starting your life abroad, in an unknown land, with a person you don’t know that well until you discover new things about that him while staying together in one roof, not to mention, being far from your loved ones, is definitely a gamble.. Without the guarantee of a positive outcome that your are expecting more than the other, you don’t know what is waiting ahead and there are only 2 results. Either you win or you fail.. Later on, it is up to you to back out or try even harder..

Years have passed and I have manage to overcome all the ups and downs one needs to deal living overseas, in the name of a good future.. With the selfless support of my husband, who never failed me and fulfilled his then promise to lead me to a better start, I adjusted well and I don’t regret the path that i chose to cross, even if I need to cross the same path once again, I will do it with the same person.. As life gets sweeter, I’m confident enough that my 3 kids are always safe here, I did not seem to care for the family I left back home, and just stayed focus on my own life and how to make it better than others… I even avoided watching the news like tv patrol and 24 oras for there is nothing to expect but only depressing events such as escalating rates of crime and corruption.. Which will just give me worries about the family that I left behind for a good life..

Upsetting and frustrating, I cannot afford much more stress while trying my best to be a good mother for my children.. Life in the Philippines, as they project it, may be fun and exciting, but beyond that, there is injustice and widespread of social pandemic, deprivation of the poor sector, informal settlers and local rice farmers, ignorance of the elite, and the average earners are the most affected.. In addition, the insolent subjection of domineering countries that persecutes our local fishermen. Evidently, the hope is fading and as far as i see things, the chances for this nation to progress lay miles distant..

Until this EXCEPTIONAL MAN emerged from his comfort zone, offering his remaining years to polish the rusty system, by then only the compassionate part of me that i thought i already lost, have been restored.. considering this place where i am now, my family is insured and secured.. What more can i ask for?? Simple, for my own country to get back on its right path and for others to also respectively have the same stability, safe streets to walk and excelled economy to reduce OFWs, preventing them from being separated from their own families and establish them so they can utilize their skills on our own hive, maintaining good income and health benefits while being with their loved ones at the same time?

The poverty and difficulty of our embattled kababayans, truly breaks my heart and gives me discomfort.. Who doesn’t feel that same way?? Though I’m more than thankful, its still hard to contemplate my life as a blessing witnessing others before me being oppressed and persecuted by our own government.. And on top of that, I am just powerless individual, not in the position to help them.. I know many of us are.. Yung kahit suklam na suklam ka kay janet napoles at sa mga opisyal na nagnakaw ng bilyong tax sa kaban ng bayan, yung kahit awang-awa ka na sa mga pamilyang naiwan ng SAF44, kahit habag na habag ka na sa mga nabiktima ng yolanda, kahit na durog na durog na ang puso mo dahil dun sa mga kawawang sangol na nire-rape at minamartilyo at kay lola na tinaniman ng bala, at kahit gigil na gigil ka sa pag gamit ni kris aquino sa chopper ng gobyerno para mangampanya, eh wala kang mgawa kundi ang mag-ngitngit at mag mura dahil ano nga ba ang kaya nating gawin??

Your hands are tied and u are not in power to do something and it is so frustrating! —– this is a rare chance that we can put someone in Malacanang to do things for the majority, hungry for change… Somebody who can turn the system upside down, and that same person who can express the same utter offensive words in behalf of an angry and annoyed nation… Not in our lifetime we will encounter a person so able and willing to shake the system and unite contradictory classes.. After elections, if the deceitful tabulation of votes prevail, and the undeserving ones win, this man that we once petitioned to run and lead us, will end up either ousted or worst, dead… And so as we, the REAL MAJORITY, unless people unite and the nation goes to revolt out of desperation to break the ROTTEN system down…

None of us desire for another revolution specially Filipinos abroad who left their loved ones on the edge of a stumbling country, given no choice.. Amidst the turbulent election in the Philippines, this is the time we really need to double our vigilance and posses extra courage because this much anticipated day is going to cement the unity of the people oppressed by the overbearing corrupt officials and the culprits they are fronting for.. The declaration of the election results, if cheated, will probably hit the limit of most people getting ready for a radical change..

So not only we need to work together but more importantly, we need to protect our last card from any form of denunciation because missing this rare opportunity is not his lost but precisely, ours.. Its the man of petty issues, regardless of his many imperfections, is the one that already proven himself and is ready to give his life for our sake.. And no amount of black propaganda can alter that fact… It’s this man, with fouling mouth, and rubbish attitude, or else, NOTHING….

Last card
Last card