Isdaan Floating Restaurant


Isdaan Floating Restaurant is few hours away from the City of Manila. It is located in Sta. Cruz, Laguna along the National Highway.

Some would have thought of it an a resort, but it’s more than what you think it is and more than what it actually is.

For those who are fond of history and culture, this is the place to be. Budget is at around more or less PHP2,000 (actually depends how foodie you are). If you don’t have that enough money to save up travelling to Thailand, then head out to Isdaan Floating Restaurant.

THAILAND FEELS! It is a mixed of Southeast Asian cuisine and ambiance. You dine in a “kubo”, but the place is more like you’re in Thailand. There is a cultural performance in the middle of the pond. Servers are wearing the traditional Filipino clothing (Filipiniana, mostly known now as the Buwan ng Wika costumes).

There are those who roam around serenading people, you can even ask them to serenade your date, your family, or whoever. You hand them a tip of PHP20. The boat ride going to Siddharta Gautama is at around PHP20 as well and you can have your photo taken by the boatman.


Near the comfort room you can find this area where you can throw and break glass, cups, plates, etc. on the wall which has several labels such as “ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, neighbor, etc. name them”.

No, they are not promoting you to be violent. They are allowing you to express what you feel and let it all out, instead of trapping them inside your heart and die slowly of anger and sorrow.

Aside from the uniqueness of the place, people there are kind and approachable as well.



Suggested place for gatherings and birthday parties. Picture perfect for those who love their photos to be taken and for photography enthusiasts as well. They have a huge parking lot and a huge place that can accommodate, I guess, up to a hundred of guests. But if you are unfortunate, you have to wait for you turn.

Have your name listed and for how many pax to the girl at the entrance and wait for your name to be called out. It won’t be a boring waiting time because there are entertainers everywhere: unicycle guys, jugglers, and even the waiting area has statues (Erap Estrada, Cory Aquino, etc.)


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