Is This A Revolution?

I attended a fellowship with my SFC brothers yesterday and for me it was really fun. We had great time and I really missed the company and the warmth. I haven’t been with them for such a time since my work prevented me to do so, but the fellowship really gave me something to ponder on and this is why I have a new post for my blog. You can call it reflection or something like that. I know all I need is an inspiration and time to write. So, the time that thoughts came through my being this afternoon, I hurriedly stopped everything I was doing and typed what my mind and heart said about the topic yesterday. It was all about evangelization. It was all about how can we spread the good things God has taught us. The topic was amazing and the speakers were great. But it struck me more than what its main objective convey. And here it goes.

I firmly agree that the best way to evangelize others is through ourselves. If we make ourselves worthy of emulation to others, then we can move people. I am not saying that you have to be a hero or sort of but being a person to others just simply means you do what is viewed and accepted to be God-centered. Just like what my Tatay Jay has said, to which I quote and added some words, “you need not to be Biblically or Qur’an-lly functional, that whatever is being written in the Bible or Qur’an, you follow.” Bible and Qur’an are not books of rules; they are books of guidance. If you start following what is there, you’ll end up silly. The Holy Books don’t tell us to read and follow, they tell us to READ, UNDERSTAND and LIVE with the thought. They are like a path that will guide you on your way as you deal life. That is why until now, I am not moved by those people who get on the bus in bus terminals and start reading the Bible without making themselves worthy of reading it. The worst is, after reading it, they start asking you for some donations; giving you little envelopes where you can put on a penny or more.

Many of us have expressed their interest of making this world a better place by showing selfless love to others, but we have failed to forget that it is not the main thing. Many of us have asked to topple the tyrants in our governments but we failed to topple the tyrants from ourselves. Many of us have asked for a revolution and it has repeated multitude of times in our history but we haven’t revolutionized ourselves. I still can remember the play of words saying, ‘the heart of the revolution is the revolution of the heart’. Many of us have said that others are not good but we have forgotten that, the times that we have said so, we did exactly the same. Some have killed people because they committed murder but these people forgot to remember that they, who killed these people, are also murderers. We ask others to be honest, but we too are liars. We ask others to share blessings, but we too are stingy. We ask our friends to love their parents, but we too don’t love ours. We ask people to be a part of our religion but we too don’t know what our religion is all about. We cannot teach what we do not know. We cannot give what we do not have. We cannot ask what we do not deserve. We can’t evangelize if we are not worthy of doing so. We can’t let people believe on something they can’t even see on us.

These words may be too vague and I don’t think I have the credibility to say so, because who am I by the way? But I know, and I say it with deep impression, that we have people around the globe who have been recognized as heroes of the present days. And I always really bow down to these mortals for their immeasurable kindness and love. They are the true evangelists who did not read the Bible or Qur’an in front of others, but they made these Holy Books in motion. They are the ones who did not ask for people to have a revolution against others, but they are the ones who fervently made themselves a weapon for revolution—a revolution without harm and force, without shouting and yelling, without casting judgments to others, without prejudice and discrimination, without money and gold, without everything, but JUST THEMSELVES-their love and passion to evangelize what it is to be a follower of God, to evangelize the words that must be heard, and the deeds that must be followed.

Do I sound like a priest or a sheikh? I guess not. Because I, myself, am guilty of what I write. I don’t even know anything about the Bible or Qur’an. I am even one of those who ask people to be good but I, myself, have not been good to others. But I may say, I am not bad, I am just JUST. I know I am aware of my actions, and I am trying to live up with the expectations of myself. I don’t want to see differences because I don’t want to compare. Comparing means bragging and comparing means pulling others down. I just follow what my heart says and what my conscience reminds me. I am a victim of my tongue but I am really trying hard to tame it. I am a slave of my emotions and I am also trying, and trying hard to control it. I am an underdog of my mind but I am trying hard to weigh things. I really am trying hard to make things well and right. And I know, what I have tried isn’t enough. But I am happy that even it is not enough, at least, I have started. Is this a revolution? Maybe. And I hope I will win.

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