Is still life painting a boring subject ?

Artists what can you say about this issue ?
Artists what can you say about this issue ?
Artists what can you say about this issue ?

Over the years still life painting has been common around the world been it is too much?

Every artist draws and paints still life from moment that we open our eyes to the world around us into death Artists have been thought to draw shapes,circles and sticks. As we grow older grew tired in painting still life some are saying “not this again” artists need a fall back subject matter at least if we get tired we can paint new subject,artist is lonely,poor,isolated,cold and always depress.some artists draws back from painting still life.its very conservative issue,just not staring for a few hours waving a stick with color it.

Being artist takes a lot of effort and passion,not some artists who only paints for money runs out in a drinking spree and tomorrow has no money.

You’ll have keep track on your financials don’t waste your money.
Some artists paints still life for very long time if you mastery the art of still life well try a new subject or else you’ll get bored. Artists known to be very easily get bored on same subject matter.

I know some of you may bash me in this post if you’re doing the same over and over again you’ll understand.

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