Is Saying ” Thank You” Lost?

Do you happen to notice someone, or hear someone say “THANK YOU”? Surely, the answer is “yes”! But such is not so in a jeepney situation. And I bet everyone of us is positive about it.

We VERY rarely hear the word of gratitude anymore even if a person almost loses his balance just to take somebody’s fare and hand it to the driver. More often, they simply hand out their money and regain their posture– tidy their face, fix their dresses and whatever dilly-dollies there is to do– and leave you with almost no acknowledgement at all. If you are lucky, they will murmur a slight “thank you” only themselves can hear.

And now I wonder where have all the moral values of the Filipinos gone? Are we not supposed to practice them anymore because we are in a “computer age” and no one bothers to look back at what our ancestors have taught us?

This is a sad fact to know.
We must be vigilant in retaining the good morals and conduct we all have been imbued with since we first studied our A B C’s.
We must not forget this one act of reciprocating another one’s deed of kindness.
I have written this article as an assignment for my niece; have submitted this along with 3 other articles as my work samples to companies looking for short article writers.
Nakakalungkot at nakakahinayang isipin ( lalo na kapag ang nakikita natin e mukha namang may mga pinag-aralan ) na ang simpleng pagbigkas ng “salamat” o “thank you” ay mukhang napakahirap o dapat bigyan pa ng effort para lang masabi.
Kaya siguro kapag ako ay nag-thank you, nagtitinginan halos lahat sila – siguro dahil malakas ang boses ko; napahiya sila sa sarili nila; o kung anuman ang dahilan ay hindi na mahalaga.

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  1. Good observation.
    Totoo yan, nakaka irita kung minsan na napaka propesyonal ng dating ng isang taao na naka sakay sa jeep pero ni hindi man lang marunong mag “thank you” pag nag papa abot ng pamasahe. Di man lang pati mag sabing “paabot po ng bayad” or “pasuyo po ng bayad”.. kundi ang banat ni ate “bayad po” (ate, ako ba ang driver, ba’t sa akin ka nagbabayad?).. Well, I am still proud to say that I and the members of my family haven’t lost the values in saying “thank you” everytime we asked for a favor as little as handing the fare to the driver, with “paki” of course and nilalakasan ko ang boses ko lalo kung may mga bata akong nakakasabay sa jeep. I want to be a role model even for the day and hoping that they will find saying “thank you” cute and mimic it until it became their habit 😉 .. May mga kapwa passengers din na tititigan ka once you said. “Thank you”. Para bang foreign sa kanila yung salitang yun. Heheheh.

    Thanks for the article though. Let’s spread the right habit to our children and relatives 🙂

  2. even in jeeps, i would say thank you pag may nag pasa ng pamasahe ko. ang thank you is a big factor in being polite din kasi at good manners din ang pag sasabi ng thank you.

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