Is joining art competitions expensive and tiring here in the Philippines ?

Those who are joining art competitions what are your comments in this issue ?
Those who join art competitions, what are your comments on this issue ?

So….how expensive would joining art competitions be?

For example, me joining an art competitions –, the amount of money that you will spend buying canvas, oil materials, framing and transportation expenses.

Let’s just say the competition requires you to paint four feet by four feet. You’ll get stressed and tired looking for the exact canvas size and the problems get bigger when there’s no stock of that canvas because the bigger your work the bigger your chances of winning the competition.

Some competitions require framing, and sadly, framing is the most expensive part of a painting. I know because I have experienced paying four thousand pesos just for a single competition.

Moreover, even the cost of the transportation is very expensive because of gas hikes every week. But more than that, being an artist is very hard because it takes passion, guts, heart and especially money to survive in this industry.

In a country where great artists live, why should you be exceptional and undermine art competitions that are specific when it comes to their rules and regulations. You need to have the exact size and measure or else you’ll get disqualified.

However, when you win, it’s not just the prize that matters. What counts more is  the respect that you’ve always wanted. But what happens when you lose? Here’s a quote coming from my mom who used to say me when I lose a competition…

“Jeric, relax for a while then try again. Save money or allowance, never give up joining !!!!!!!