Is Jealousy a Sign of Love?

Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love?

is jealousy is a sign of love?

Let’s be seated and tell me who you are and what you are as a wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

I’ll give you 15 minutes to tell me everything, whatever your beliefs about being a jealous person, valid or invalid.

And I’ll judge you based on your beliefs because your beliefs make you the person you are, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

The reason I am asking you who you are, what you are and what your beliefs are about that subject is because it plays a significant role on how you carry yourself to the world.

Now tell me who you are?

And you say, I am a wife.

In fact, a very jealous wife to my husband whom I loved the most all my life if he happens to do something against my way.

I want my husband only to focus his eyes on me, no other than, but me. I want to know whom he is going to interact day by day from Facebook down to his personal email.

I don’t want my husband to click the ‘likes’ button to any women on Facebook because it hurts me and it feels like he betrayed and no longer love me.

I want to know everything. I want to know all the passwords such as his bank account details, and to any social media sites.

Yes, because I am his wife, and I’m entitled to know everything.

Because you know I am a jealous wife. I love my husband that is why.

I know my husband will understand me if I restricted him to do or say things such as don’t do this, don’t do that.

My husband loves me very much the reason he is happy to cooperate with me.

In fact, every time I tell my husband things such as, hey babe, stop doing that, I don’t want you to talk to that person ever again NOR look to any sexy photos over the internet because it hurts me.

And you laughed secretly or such a proud wife you are, knowing that your husband is cooperating with you whenever you say NO to this and NO to that.

Yes, he is just like a puppet acting in front of you, maybe because he is afraid of losing you or scared to face his little world on his own.

Not just you has a problem, but also your husband too, you both trying hard to safeguard your emotion from avoiding to get hurt when in fact both of your soul shouted out for HELP.

PLEASE HELP……………….get me out in here, I am trapped in this physical body of mine who refused to listen to what I want.

I can’t take it anymore. Yes, I love my wife/husband, but this is not a kind of marriage relationship I want.

You either fighting for each other to the point where you both end up hurting physically and so as emotionally.

And I am telling you none of you is wrong, you are both right on your individual rights.

Here you go, either one of you wants to file a DIVORCE. End of your fantastic love story.

So where is that jealousy end up?

What is your life purpose as a wife/husband?

You were born into this amazing world with your free-will. You have all the choices in your hands to be a jealous wife/husband or not. You are in control of everything such as the way how you think or feel with regards to a particular thing.

Your purpose in life is to seek joy. No one can demand you to be in a certain way, not even your wife/husband.

Do you know why? Because we were born to be selfish. No one can keep up anyone, and it’s not your job either to keep an eye on someone, even if you do so, they won’t going to listen to you because we all born to be selfish.

What is selfish mean? To care how you feel and to do things whatever makes you happy.

That is why when you demand your husband not to do this or do that, or such as being a jealous cow, it is for your selfishness because you want him to behave the way you want him to be because it makes you happy.

But the problem is, your husband wants to be selfish too.

He wants to take care of his emotion and wants to be happy just like you.

The reason he can’t make his promise to make you happy at all times, regardless if how much you are trying to say NO, one way or the other, he is going to say NO to you, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t LOVE you.

The best way you can do is to rejoice whenever your husband does or decides something that pleases him, regardless if it isn’t for your happiness because it is not about YOU, it is about HIM.

Do what makes you happy too and meet your husband halfway in the place where he is happy, and with that you both happy without stepping on someone else toes.


Why not enjoy watching your husband being happy, it could be his happiness comes from YOU or by other means, look at him playfully and meet him there halfway.

The best gift you can give to your husband is not the material thing, but it’s the FREEDOM to do or to be the person his soul wants to be. In doing so, your husband will be the happiest man in the whole world, and so as you.

HAPPINESS trumps everything.

Fighting your right as a wife NOR being jealous is not the best way to save your marriage, with or without jealousy involves, a marriage ends for a reason, and that reason is beneficial for you both.

Where’s Jealousy come?

It comes from your self-ego, not from your higher self.

Your higher self always says YES to everything; she will never feel bad NOR insecure if your husband offers positive words towards any women he happens to meet.

The higher you know everything that is going on the background; you should not let your physical eyes matters a lot because those two can’t see the whole staircase.

How do I know? I’ve been there all that kind of emotions. I played it until I get tired of being a control freak. I decided to leave my husband alone.

It is when I leave my husband out of the equation and let him be the person he wants to be; it is the turning point in my life where I am happy and confident to face the world on my own with or without him.

It’s not just me who is happy, but also my husband who knows that he is FREE to be the person he wants to be.

But because I give him all the freedom in the world, all he wants is to be with ME and be part of my journey because he knows I am not a burden to his life purpose, just like HE is to me.

So we stick together until our soul decides to.

The reason you are jealous is because something is wrong with your vibration, clean it up and you’ll no longer ever the need to be jealous at all NOR have any reasons.

Jealousy is a choice, not because you love that person because you can still love the person without being jealous at all.

Really? Yes, just like me and the rest which is smart enough to know that we are in control of our emotion.

To love your wife/husband is a choice and so as to end your marriage is a choice too. No one can keep you stay if one of you decides to leave.

Your purpose is to seek joy and to have fun, rather than demanding your husband who he needs to talk to or spend his time. You are killing him big time.

 Is Jealousy a sign of LOVE?

NO. But it’s a sign of one of the following:

  • Lack of trust
  • lack of self-confidence
  • lack of faith
  • emotionally unstable
  • emotional imbalance
  • lack of self-love
  • afraid to face the world on your own
  • fear of rejection
  • financially unstable
  • lack of focus towards life
  • negative emotion
  • Jealousy arose when you offer negative thoughts

That’s it.

Do you think jealousy is necessary? 

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