Is an artist getting enough support from the art community ?

Art community, what can you say about issue ?
Art community what can you say about issue ?
Art community what can you say about issue ?

For me, personally, the art community doesn’t give any financial support.

I have joined many competitions, but I still get no recognition for works. I’ve to come realize that, perhaps, you have to be dead before you can be famous — because when you are alive nobody wants to buy your work… the dilemma of artist.

There’s a huge discrimination for those artists who are still struggling, who have no money to buy food and materials for their work.

It seems like the art community only focus on self-serving projects that only caters to them.

It’s frustrating to see that an artist begs for food and money to buy materials on social media; knowing no support is coming to them.

You see, the hardest thing about being an artist is coping with the expenses for them to have work.

Some of the artists take their own life because they lack support and sinks to depression and socio economic situations.

Thus, an artist spends a lot of money for their necessities; paying rent or a studio, paying for a gallery for their solo exhibitions, and buying for their food consumption. There are so many factors.

I’m not telling you this just to get attention. I’m telling you this because I’m an artist who have been struggling a lot to find money and food and to support my work, too.

For some artists it’s kind of beg for money and everyday expenses is a constant struggle to an artist, and it is hard to think that there are still other artists out there who aren’t getting enough support from the art community. The art community needs to address these issue — and I wonder…is there a chance?

Just recently I saw a photo of a woman who can draw beautiful pastel works and she sells them on the streets of Avenida or some other parts of Metro Manila.

If I’m not mistaken, correct if I’m wrong, this is a clear example that the art community is lacking in its human response needs.