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It’s nearly three years since I started immersing with real world and the big question now: “how’s the bank account?”

Getting paid changed my life, I was able to finance my wants, purchase the not-so-essential stuff, try food I wasn’t able to afford during college, buy a meal for friends/ family and contribute to the monthly dues at home.   Also, it  is somewhat a proof of independence since you don’t need to (you must not) beg money from your parents. Very liberating, isn’t it?

Piggy savings bank
Piggy savings bank (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

Working is a little bit exhausting, frustrating, fulfilling and rewarding.

You understand the importance of pay days, Friday nights, holidays, long weekends, coffee shops, spa, vacation leave and chocolates.

You struggle to squeeze everything in your daily and weekly office schedule which includes catching up with family/friends, working out and sleeping. You might have felt that you need to reward yourself after a day, a week or a month of hard work, but still you must plan for your future.

Planning includes funding therefore you must discipline yourself to fill in that piggy bank, much better if it’s a real bank account.

Regardless how much your salary is, you must save up.

 There are two types of savings: first, savings that are meant for something you really dream of buying but can’t immediately afford it (i.e, gadgets, car, house, travel). These are your ultimate rewards or ultimate wants which you consider essential for your sanity. The much more important one, savings that are meant to be forgotten. This can’t be used for any material things, it must be used as an investment for your well-being, like education, retirement or anything related to your growth as a human.

Also, this should be allotted as your ’emergency-health-related’ money so if anything happens to you, your family or to whomever you have the back-up fund.

By far, preparedness is the best thing to do since you can never tell what will happen tomorrow.

So, what are you waiting for? Load up your savings account now and forget it!

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