Invest To Your Heartache For The Better


There’s really no difference whether you broke your heart from a partner or just from someone you loved, but can’t reciprocate it. A broken heart is a broken heart and the same thing will feel the same in both cases, but don’t worry for it is not yet the long-anticipated apocalypse. Breathe, relax, and read these dos and don’ts on moving on and getting better.

Accept the fact. One big factor that holds you from moving on is that you still wish that something else should have happened instead of what have actually happened. Accept the fact that you’ve been dumped and try to leave it in the past. The past remains in the past and we should not live there. You don’t get dumped to get obsess with what could have happened and get stuck. You get dumped, you learn something and you carry on. It is how the plot should go.

Meditate. Go somewhere peaceful to contemplate. You can spend time with nature when doing this or maybe you can just stay in the silent corners of your home . Your first step to moving on is having a good vision of things. Meditation helps us to see things the way they should be and it also helps us in making decisions carefully, this makes it easier for us to step forward.

Let go of the attachment. Your main goal is to get over the heartbreak and move on. Aside from what’s already mentioned above, another thing that keeps you from going forward is that the person still affects you. Rebuild the person you are before everything happened and let go of that person’s influence to your life. Seek to be whole again.

Open yourself to changes. Discover yourself and expand your horizons by trying to learn new things. You can try new sports or hobbies and choose the ones that you enjoy the most. Pleasurable activities to you help you release stress while you keep yourself occupied and away from the down effects of overthinking. Thus, you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

Keep yourself warm in company. Don’t forget that your family and your friends are there for you. Spend time with them and try to talk about it with them to warm your blue heart. These people care for you and they love you. They will lift you and make you feel better.

Eat healthy and exercise. Changes in your diet can bring changes in your brain structure chemically and physiologically speaking. Thus, these alterations can affect your behavior. This explains that you are what you eat. A healthy diet can result to a healthy behavior and in contrary, an unhealthy diet can result to a negative behavior. Eating healthy is good, but it can still get better if you pair it with exercise. You increase your dopamine levels when you exercise – a neurotransmitter that is responsible for a motivated behavior. In addition, the same can be achieved by eating the right foods. Exercise also makes your brain release endorphins which are our natural pain and stress killers.

Don’t overeat to comfort yourself. Overeating especially on carbohydrate-rich-foods may instantly elevate your mood for a while, but you don’t want to settle for the short term solution with a long term burden. You would just add bulks of unnecessary calories to your diet and that may result into an excessive weight gain if you don’t have a fast metabolism to support your calorie intake. Don’t overeat, but don’t starve.

Don’t go for alcohol. People, especially males, often make use of alcohol as an assault to the low feeling. You may end up stuck in a dreadful cycle of mood alteration that would make things even worse if you take this route because although people say that alcohol consumption is a relief for a bad day, too much level of alcohol has high probability to result in negative emotional surges. Also, keep yourself away from smoking as possible.

Don’t obsess yourself with overthinking. Overthinking matters such as things that you could have done and things you could do will just keep you in fear and doubt, these are just two of the factors that hold you from happiness. Rumination combined with negative moods will likely result to pessimism, feeling of powerlessness and generally negatively biased emotions. You don’t want to be stuck there because you want to get better. So instead of spending all your energy on an endless cycle of rethinking, try diverting your attention to productive activities you enjoy and just live the moment.

Don’t surround yourself with others’ negativity. Simply, the people that you spend your time with greatly affects your view of things. They make a great impact on the person you are now and the person you will be in the future. So if you surround yourself with pessimistic and cynical people all of the time, you would be one of them as well.

There are many other ways for you, but always remember that in everything you do to move on, you must always seek happiness and enlightenment rather than revenge. Do your best and give it time. Everything will settle in the right time and you will be fine.