There is a pain in the heart left with grudge and misery
Of a lonesome existence amidst the uncertainties
What lies beneath the hundred hopes?
To wear such smiles of endearment
To live with warmth of yearnings
Of a mother’s touch
With a father’s shield

Look through his crying heart,
In the eyes of a homeless child

He plays in unsure path of lonely grounds
The innocent stares to swing and slides
The tears on riding the ‘merry-go-round’
Moving round and further round
Disheartened and clueless
What lies behind the lost?
Of a mother’s heart
And a father’s touch

Look deeply to his breaking heart,
In the eyes of a homeless child

He dwells into roofless poverty
Around the dirty-noisy crowded open home
He sleeps in the silence of cold darkness
And wakes up with the earsplitting echoes around.
What is waiting on the other side?
Without embrace during his coldest fights
No words to heed as a sound advice
From a mother’s lips
From his father’s arms

Look closer to his dying heart
In the eyes of a homeless child.

About leahcim_isaac

31 years old, poet, already written hundred of poems and other literary articles love reading editorials and commentaries; novels and poetry. fond of watching movies and reading informative researches on the internet.