In Search of a Sanctuary

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In movies, a girl or a boy has this special place where they can throw away their problems, cry their eyes out when hurt and find peace or unwind.

Later, when they meet the person they truly love, they introduce their special place and share tons of memories together. After the big break up, either the guy or the girl, or the person who loved and cared more, goes back to that special place, relive painful, sometimes happy, memories with his or her loved one and go tantrums for his or her loss. By the end of the movie, he or she still goes back to the same special place. Some movies end with the usedtobe couple meeting up again in that special place by accident leading them to another happy beginning together and some movies end with the person fully recovering from such painful breakup yet still cherishing the memories in that special place.

I want one. I want a special place too. I want my very own sanctuary.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you can call it your own even tho it’s not? Wouldn’t it be nice to find a special place that can make you calm and make you find peace within yourself when times get hard? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the person you love share that special place with you? That no matter how much tribulations life gives you both, you’d still end up in that special place, giving great value to every promise and hurt that special place have witnessed? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good place to come back to every now and then?

Sure, I have one – my room. My room is my special place. But my room is MY own. I haven’t shared this little piece of sanctuary of mine to anybody. Nobody but the spirit of this room has witnessed all tears and negativity I have released.

Long ago, I’ve already pictured my sanctuary. It would be a big white wall with a bench or probably swings in front of it and plants and flowers around it. Just like a garden with a big wall! In that white wall, I’d write anything, throw anything, paint anything and nobody would ever mind. Then I’d sit on the bench or the swing and just stare at the big white wall. Sometimes, I’d stay there even when it rains. I’d stay there even under the sun. I’d stay there to read a book. I’d stay there to think about my life. I’d just stay there.

Then, I’d share this sanctuary with my best friend and the person I love. Then we’d share tons of memories there. Memories that my best friend and I would cherish the most. Then we’d cry their together, we’d gossip about the people we’re most insecure about, we’ll laugh about all things funny, we’d talk about how long and how much we’ve gone through as best friends. And of course, I’d also love to share memories that the person I love and I would cherish and hate the most. We’d talk about our family there, we’d cuddle, we’d tease and annoy each other endlessly, we’d kiss and hold hands, we’d fight about the littlest things, we’d have our big fights, but most importantly, we’d share our relationship there.

Right now, I know that would be impossible. So until then, I’m going to settle for a church with a beautiful garden. Or! Or, the empty rooftop of a tall tower!

I’d love that. I’d really love that. 🙂