Imee Marcos and the stupidifying of the young Juan dela Cruz

Photo courtesy of Philippine Tattler
Photo courtesy of Philippine Tattler

If there is one thing history has proven to us, it’s that we never learned from it. What is not written on textbooks is not considered fact, not worthy of being remembered, lesson not meant to be learned.

Recently I saw Imee Marcos in all her red glory and surgery-tinkered face in a magazine cover that is meant to be just read by those in high society (I guess regardless of where they got their wealth, right, Imee?).

What is wrong with you, Juan Dela Cruz?!

No one promised you a bed of roses in 1986 but you should have realized even if it was a bed of roses, roses do have thorns! Expect to be pricked! Expect to bleed!

It is repulsive that while we still suffer from years of grave corruption, abuse and oppression, we are served a beautiful, almost surreal picture of Imee Marcos at 60. Her face just got the necessary surgical upliftment through the money they stole from a people crippled from their selfishness and terrible greed. Bongbong is running for Vice-presidency, one position shy from his father’s tool to steal. Imelda, oh Imelda, may your shoes be enough to get you far from running away from heaven’s wrath.

But what is even more repulsive and sickening is the way we forget the lessons of history, of how extremely selfish people glorify criminals because of their ulterior motives, of how we as people are ingrate to the sacrifices of those who fought for the little freedom we enjoy today.

I have continuously read about posts and comments glorifying the Marcoses and what beautiful things they have done for this country. I have seen posts of young people, probably first time voters, who vouch that their votes will go to Bongbong Marcos for his bid to the Vice-Presidency; comments and views from those who were just even wasted sperms during the dark years of the Marcoses. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Imee’s red filipiniana gown is indeed suitable on her; she wears the blood of those her family has killed and oppressed. The red screams of 20 years of injustice.

Do we really easily forgive? No. We easily forget.

We, as a people, have a selective memory. We only want to think of what is beautiful, what is harmless, what is painless. We do not consider all aspects of experience as part of learning; all pains, sufferings and struggles are all part of integral learning. The blood of the victims of the years of conjugal dictatorship still cries for justice but what makes these martyrs roll in their graves is the young Juan Dela Cruz’s ignorance of history! Yes. Our young Filipinos are ignorant crossing the borders of stupidity. And everyone is to be blamed!

Politicians are to be blamed. You were given the chance to prove your worth of an elective position but you chose to be corrupt. A public office is a public trust but you believe otherwise, you chose to be untrustworthy. You have engaged in dishonest elections. You treat your constituents with no dignity; you treat them as charity case. Gone were the days of noble statesmen. Your mouths are rotten with lies. You cannot give because your hands are dipped in the treasury of the people. You chose convenience over conscience, self over service to others, profit over patriotism, money over your soul! You shift sides so easily like a jellyfish, you have no backbone. You can sacrifice principles over profit. This is a Marcos brand of politics and you have cultivated it. It is now a cancer over the Filipino political psyche.

School is to be blamed. You feed information in the minds of the young without teaching them how to be critical! You force them to chew without knowing what is being shoved in their mouths! You make them believe that to be educated is to get a perfect score and earn a diploma without really learning anything! You make young minds believe that the validation of education is parallel to the worth of your wage! You have become an institution of nothing. Yes, even your premier state university that has produced brilliant, nationalistic minds has become a coddler of rich young people who can pay for your staggering tuition fee even if they do not have the mind to absorb the best education! You have just simply become a business. Where are the Delia Cortez? The Nik Lansang? The Lean Alejandro? To learn is to know the truth, full truth must be told, half-truth is not truth at all. Have you told the young what happened during the Marcos years? Have you taught them math by giving the figures of Marcos’ 20 billion dollar embezzlement? Have you taught chemistry by showing the diamonds and other precious stones Imelda amassed? Have you taught practical arts by showing Imelda’s high-quality shoes? Tell the full stories of the brilliance and stupidity of all those who have led this nation, no filter; only then can young Juan Dela Cruz realize what can be learned from the past that he will apply to the present that will make the future better.  Indeed, to study is easy, to learn is hard.

Church is to be blamed. You do not practice what you preach. You are a white sepulcher: white on the outside, hollow and rotten inside! No true justice resides in impunity! To err is human to forgive is divine but forgiveness has its condition: you have failed to teach that forgiveness entails admission of guilt of the offender and reparation for the offended! We claim to be a follower of Jesus but we refuse the truth of the nails and cross. The church sides with justice. She comforts the tired and weary because of injustice not those who are tired because of the weight of their ill-gotten wealth! The church teaches love and love needs action. How can the young learn of love for country when those in habits cannot even get out of the comfort of the church? Other folds have resorted to selling their faith for stronger foothold on power, shame on you! You burn in hell while you preach of heaven!

Media is to be blamed. You are made of trash. You have a created a world of terrible make-believe. The idiot box has become more stupid: your news consists of irrelevant stories and irresponsible casters, of talentless stars, sensationalized crimes, gyrating whores, senseless men. Your radio has become a channel for the foul-mouthed who make noise like clanging cymbals. The net has become a flea market of the worst there is in humanity. Media has left very little space for the relevant, significant, worthy, true, good and beautiful.

The Filipinos are to be blamed. We easily forget. We do not want to sacrifice for the betterment of this country. We cringe in the smallest sight of difficulty, we can only say yes to challenges when we are not truly involved in it. We say yes to danger when we see it from a distance. We love then we hate then we love, the sad part is that we do not know the reason. We have a very vague idea of who we are as Filipinos and do not go blaming the years of colonization, that is a lame excuse for not having a deeper sense of who you are as a Filipino. Self-preservation is more preferred than self-worth. We have no love for this country.

To the young, especially to those who claim they love the Marcoses and yet do not even know why:

The disciplined Filipinos you say during the Marcos years are all but a myth. No discipline resides in fear and disregard of the dignity of the human person. Discipline is based on respect for one’s self, others, those in authority and country. The discipline during the Marcos years was founded on fact that if you go against them you are dead! That is not discipline at all but fear. The edifices and good things the Marcoses have done should not be used to hail them because it was their responsibility and obligation as elected official to provide such, not to steal! Weighing on the good things versus the bad things they have done, the bad completely outweighs the good: debt, death and destruction of what could have been formative years for the Filipino nation to become better. Listen to the stories of those who have lived more years of their lives, listen to the children of the Desaparacidos tell their stories of horror and loneliness. Listen to the vivid description of abuse and torture. While we all want to advance, do not forget the lessons of the past; the edifices the Marcoses have built are not only reminders of our beautiful culture but also serve as symbol of partisan and patronage politics (good roads lead to their own hometowns, the CCP is an elitist edifice) of ostentatious living amidst poverty and a twenty long year culture of politics that has found itself deeply embedded in the political consciousness of our countrymen. Do not think in barangays, think in a wholistic, nationalistic mind-set.

And to the ones who conceived the idea of putting Imee Marcos on a magazine cover: shame on you, you have no business of putting “Philippines” in your magazine that glorifies a family that has caused so much despair and destruction in this country.

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