I’m Proud to be an Oldmaid

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(Photo Credit: mercatoliberonews)

I’ll be 40 this year, and yes I am proud to be an old maid!

Do you know why?

Because I don’t have to deal with a very stressful life! I am still single because I choice to be one, not because nobody wanted to marry me.

I was just an average woman who grew up in the farm. With my hard work, I have reached what I wanted in life. I have dated few professionals’ nice men during my younger years. I have dated a choir director in my school where I took my master degree at Notre Dame University. I have dated a ship pilot where I met him in Germany during my vacation with my niece. I also have dated regular guys but none of them changed my views about being a wife. I did receive wedding proposals, and turned them down.

I didn’t get married because I didn’t see myself making dinner for a guy every day. I didn’t want to clean up a guy’s mess since most of them are slobs (sorry guys) but most importantly I didn’t see myself carrying a baby in my womb for 9 long months and deliver it naturally. I think the women who gave birth naturally are so brave enough and should be getting a reward for doing that.

I didn’t get married because I didn’t want somebody to tell me what to do and what not to do. I want to spend my money wherever I want to spend it. In short, I didn’t want to be controlled by someone.

So, why I did I choose to be an old maid?

The answer is because none of my friends who got married were happy with their lives. All I heard from them were complains against their husbands. I even have a student who got divorced for five times.

Am I worried to be alone when I get so old?

Absolutely not! Because I have two well-behave beautiful daughters who I adopted from the Philippines. Even though I am an old maid, I rarely feel alone and sad because I reach out to those people in needs. For years, I have been helping a young fella financially who had a car accident that made him quadriplegic.

Do you think if I was married, my husband would let me spend my money on people who are not related to me?

I doubt it! With being single, I can do whatever I want, and I can go wherever I go. Not for bragging, but I’ve been to all the countries in Europe! I have been to some countries in Asia, though I am not a fan of it, especially China. So I maybe an old maid, but I think I am happier compared to other women who have cheaters husbands.

So, women don’t be sad if you are an old maid because being one doesn’t make you a loser; instead, enjoy the moment of being single because I am sure that there are so many women out there who are wishing to be one of us.

Note: This is my mentor’s story.

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