“I’m Eating”

Eating is a wealthy indicator of budding traits.

I noticed that when Naiah, my two-year-old granddaughter, visited us this last Winter.

Naiah is pensive and receptive. When her Mom rhymed in a children’s song one morning during breakfast, she looked hard, listened, and absorbed everything. Then, she mimicked her Mom’s singing and hand gestures.

After mass, one Sunday, we went to a Chinese Restaurant for lunch. Sitting at the table while getting orders, Naiah’s eyes offered tons of expressions, indicative of her mood swings. She’s animated. Playful. Soulful. Sometimes, edging in her snootiness and tartness, rolling her snubbing eyes. Her assertiveness and domineering tendencies show. She knows what she wants, and get it across, and wants it done right away.

I saw signs, too, how she negotiates with skill. We’re done with our lunch and ready to go, but she objected. She said, she’s still eating. Her mother said: Then eat!

She palmed rice and put it to her mouth. She bends, when she needs to.

We had dinner at the first Jollibee Restaurant in Winnipeg, and I videotaped her.

She emphasized: She’s eating, repeating it many times. I am half deaf, and I didn’t get what she meant. Her aunt, my eldest daughter, translated it: Don’t videotape her, she’s eating.

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