I’ll Keep On Loving You

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It seems like only yesterday when you’ve left and gone away. Without saying goodbye, without a trace.When there was you, every sunrise was never blue. It was a great feeling opening my eyes and seeing you lying beside me. As if you knew I was staring down at you, your lips would form a smile and that would make me smile even wider.

Those mornings I clearly remember, and they are now only a part of my memories.

But today I woke up without you beside me. Now that you’re gone, every waking up left me feeling blank.  I let you come into my life for the reason that you brought back my smiles. You taught me to trust again, helped me get back on my feet again.

You held my hands so tight and offered comfort through my dark nights.I will never forget how you’ve shown me your love, how you’ve put up with me and how you endured my demands. You said you didn’t mind for my wish is your command.

The day I met you, I was really feeling blue. Then you suddenly came unannounced. I didn’t want company but you insisted to stay with me. Tried to woe me and even did funny antics just so you could entertain me. I thought you were crazy. But you won me over.

How I miss the days you pestered me…yes,pestered, you heard me right. Because till there was you, my world used to be silent and in peace. I used to live my life in a box, but you came right inside boldly and unabashed. You did everything to make me happy, you made me smile when I’m sad.

These things you’ve done for me I will always cherish. You might have gone away but the memories will live on in my mind and in my heart until I breathe my last. Allow me to ask for the nth time, “Will you ever come back?”And again I tell myself the answer, “I wonder…”

If you do, I will just be here waiting for you. If you’ll find your way back to me, I’d be happy to take you back in. That’s how I love you, I really do. I just hope you”ll always remember, I’ll keep on loving you as long as the sun, the moon and the stars are up there and until the world is through.

monettecalugay © 2013

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