I’ll Be Home Soon

Home Soon     (Photo credit:      Patriciamcconnell)
Home Soon (Photo credit: Patriciamcconnell)

The sun is already shining where l am. After the winter season came summer, and now the weather here in Hong Kong is a combination of summer and rainy season. Except for the occasional rain showers and storms, most days  are sunny and hot.

Sometime ago, I met every sunrise with a smile on my face. That was because the moment I open my eyes, the first thing that I see are the faces of my husband and my two kids, Iva and Ivan, sleeping peacefully. Before I get off the bed, I’d look at them one by one and see whose mouth is drooling with you-know-what, and listen to who snores the loudest among them. 🙂

Had we owned a digicam in those days, I could have captured and recorded those moments while they were making faces while asleep, talking in their sleep etc., and have them published in Facebook. The happiness that used to greet me was a feeling I relished, warm as the sun burning high above the sky.

But those sunny mornings waking-up with my family beside me is now gone. Today, sunrise meant waking-up to the dreary, tiresome and monotonous tasks that I have to accomplish from sun up to sun down. Much as I try to convince myself that all these will soon be over, the mere sight of my naughty ward brings me back to the reality that I would still have to endure many agonizing months before I could finally breathe freedom from this sad state I’m in.

Each and everyday goes the same, again and again and again. When the day is over, I’d sleep only to wake up facing the same scenario. I know I shouldn’t complain because of the fact that I am here due to my own volition. But it’s just hard to get all these feelings bottled-up inside me, so I’m taking advantage of  blogging to vent my frustrations in life.

I thank God I found Definitely Filipino. I found a venue to share my thoughts and emotions. At the same time, blogging turned out to be therapeutic and entertaining for me that I sometimes forget my problems and my frustrations in life. Moreover, I found good friends from almost all over the world, like-minded writer friends and people who love to read.

Going back, I do miss my family so much, especially my two children. There isn’t a day that I never thought of them and felt sad that I am not beside them. But hopeful as I am, I know one day we will be together again and enjoy each others company. When that happens, I’ll do my best to make those moments memorable and full of joy for my precious kids. Meanwhile, I still have to endure the remaining months I have from my contract. It won’t be long and I’ll be able to hug them again.

I suppose I’m what you might call ironic depending on the way you look at it. Reality is really hard to admit and harder to escape. But despite this truth, I still cling to that one reliance, that light of hope which gives me the strength to brave the odds and believe that at each tunnel’s end, there’ll be a flood of light to illuminate my gloomy life once again. And I’m hoping that along with that light will be my precious family waiting anxiously for my coming home.

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