If you want peace, prepare for China!

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No, I am not promoting war or any direct confrontations with China, like most right-minded Filipinos. We know Philippines can’t win that war no matter how determined we are. Patriotism and courage may win some battles, but without much else, they can’t win war. At least, not with modern China.

We are outclassed by Beijing almost in every aspect of military power –outgunned, outnumbered – and our firepower is, to say the least, outdated. We are outclassed by China except, perhaps, in our determination to find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts, before we finally rise and take arms.

For a God-fearing nation, this is perfectly understandable. History showed it took us more than 300 years before we realized the need to stand against oppressive Spanish colonialism. And it took us more than 20 years before we decided to topple a dictatorship.

I could not say for sure what holds a Filipino to fight back until pushed against the wall, but certainly it has nothing to do with weakness, or cowardice. If this is what China takes us for, then they made a mistake, and a big one.

Like them, we have fought wars before us – three major wars that change the course of Philippine history. We, too, have defended and kept our more than 7,000 islands against oppressors and foreign invaders.

Our ancestors, too, have shed blood, lay down lives and protected their families. They have also been shot at, and have shot back as well. Like them we are ready to kill, in as much as we are prepared to die, when push comes to shove.

Mano-a-mano, we stood a fair chance against China despite being outnumbered, their kung-Fu notwithstanding. But unfortunately, modern wars are no longer fought with fists or swords. Those were primitive weapons of Limahong and Lapu-Lapu.

Unfortunately, too, it’s the only type of war where the Philippines stand a chance to win against China, given the capability of our military.

Having said that, I must say now that I am an ardent supporter of the long-delayed armed forces modernization, which, by the way, only PNoy took the initiative to finally realize, however measured his efforts are.

No, I am not a fan of PNoy, but I had to concede it is only his administration where some of the most neglected aspects of governance are finally given the necessary attentions. The previous ones were just busy enriching themselves and their cohorts at our expense.

Corruption may still be rampant in PNoy’s government, but at least, there were steps taken, no matter how insignificant these were for his critics, to combat an adversary that has already been institutionalized long before he took over.

So his determination to upgrade our military capability, from tora-tora to FA-50, from rusted boats to cutter warships, is something most of us failed to acknowledge until China started its expansionism scheme in the West Philippine Sea.

But it seems PNoy’s initiative came too late for the Philippines. China has grown so big, bold and brazen that it poses now a respectable challenge even to the United States, the once, and hopefully still is, the most powerful nation in the world.

However late our military upgrade has become, the wisdom to pursue it must prevail even beyond this administration, even after PNoy. But we have to keep in mind that the aim of maintaining a modernized armed forces is not to encourage nor to provoke war.

We must strive for it because we desperately needed respect, and not war.

China could simply brush us aside with a single sweep because we are weak militarily. We simply cannot confront them head on. The dictum “The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must” could not have expressed our predicament better.

But imagine if we are at least half as powerful as China?

They will think twice in bullying us with their big ships and fighter jets. Not that we could win against them in a war, but we could, at least, give them a bloody nose.

If we can show that we are resolved in our determination to face them in an imminent hostile confrontation, even when the odds are against us, the uncertainty of how far-stretched we can engage them in battle, and how much they are prepared to lose in order for them to win, is something they will have to contemplate before they throw their weight against us.

‘Si viz pacem, para bellum’ is a Latin dictum which means ‘If you want peace, prepare for war.’

I agree we all want peace, but given our circumstances, we must prepare. If not for war, at least for China.

Author: necessary_evil of DFBI family

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