“If you have chemistry you only need one other thing – timing, but timing’s a bitch.”

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Image from Pinterest

Dear guy I got involved with at the wrong time,

I’d like to believe that I am the right person who came at the wrong time. Maybe if I got there sooner, it wouldn’t have been like this. It could have been how I imagined it would be the moment we had our first real kiss.

It could have worked, you know. It could have been the best thing both of us would ever have but again, I came at the wrong time. I came when you’ve realized that it’s time for you to leave. I came when you’ve decided you needed to be the person you were before… the person who didn’t need someone like me.

I couldn’t help but think how great the two of us could be if I came a little bit sooner. It would have been a fun yet collected relationship. It would have been natural, like breathing.

Reading this letter makes me sad. Notice how many times I’ve used “would have been” and “could have been”? Well that sucks because that kind of means that there is no chance for us to ever be together.

But I haven’t lost faith in us. Maybe one day we will see each other again and we will put into reality all my have-beens. I came at the wrong time but perhaps someday, somewhere, we will meet again and we can give it another shot.

Love always,
Right person at the wrong time