If Trump Was Our President (Filipino Edition)

You’ve seen the memes and the Women’s March signages all over the internet; Trump is now officially in the White House. Every move he makes is carefully scrutinized by the public, considering his opinions on women’s rights and immigration. We can’t help but make that Michelle Obama face everytime he tweets something as ridiculous as his views on climate change.

For us Filipinos, it is not our business to dabble into their political affairs or any for that matter, especially we still have our own to sort out (destabilization, De Lima, #LeniLeaks, etc). Furthermore, PRRD has already severed ties with the US so it’s not our business to get mad or spurt out comments about what’s happening in the US.

However, we can’t help but wonder, what if Trump was our President?

Would his Republican views be helpful towards a more progressive Philippines? For a political post like this, people ought to get mad and it’s totally understandable. Politics has a way of dividing people instead of working towards a common goal. So disclaimer to all the haters, ‘wag po seryosohin ang artikulong ito.


Building ‘the Wall’

If there’s anything that best describes Donald Trump’s campaign it’s ‘the Wall’. Revered as his most controversial campaign promises, a big wall was to be constructed along the US-Mexican border. Aside from that, he also insisted that Mexico pay for it, saying it would solve illegal foreign immigration from Mexico to the United States which has been a known problem in the country.

Like in the United States, illegal immigration is also a problem in the country. There are approximately 1.5 million foreigners living in the country, 200,000 of those are documented and the rest are TNTs (Tago ng Tago). With those numbers, you could say that illegal foreigners are a growing problem in the country.

If, for some reason, Trump became President of the Philippines, a wall around the country would seem like solution to this problem; a solution that a third-grader would have thought. However, foreign affairs is much more complicated than physically building a wall around the Philippines. Not only is it an architectural feat given that we are an archipelago, it would take taxpayer’s money… lots of it. If I knew that’s were my monthly contribution is going instead of education and relief for the poor, I’d bail out on society and live in the jungle for the rest of my life.


Deportation of all Immigrants

With his strong opinions on immigration and building a wall, another one of his “signature” campaign promises is deportation of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Though his stance on the topic softened since the first polls, this ideology became the center of his whole campaign.

If Trump was to be head of state in the Philippines, deporting undocumented immigrants would actually be a good thing for us. In fact, PRRD is also currently leaning unto the subject of deporting illegal aliens who are living in the country. According to a statement from Inquirer, “I trust in his judgment that he would be fair in the matter of illegal immigrants” said PRRD. “I cannot talk for the illegals because, whether president Trump or anybody else, an illegal is always an illegal”, he added.

As a law-abiding citizen, you should be responsible for any documentation your host country requires to live and work. You don’t just walk into being an illegal immigrant, you would know the risk of illegally crossing the border or staying longer than your visa requires you to. As a Filipino working abroad, it is your responsibility to take care of any papers needed to legally stay in your host country.

Ban on Muslims

With all the campaign promises leading up to him signing the executive order to ban entry of immigrants from seven majority-Muslim states, Trump seems to really mean what he says when said “total and complete shutdown… until we figure this out.”

We all know from history books that the Philippines is a Christian/Catholic country thanks to the influence of Spanish colonization. However, there are Filipinos who practice Islam as a religion, particularly in ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) and some parts of North and South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Zamboanga Peninsula. Now, if Trump was our President, this would be a huge problem because more than 11% of Filipinos are Muslim. In fact, Islam was the predominant religion in the Philippines during 13th and 14th century; that’s 200 years before Magellan came to Cebu.

Stance on Global Warming

Another topic in which Trump so-enthusiastically commented on is global warming and climate change. According to a tweet in November 2012 in verbatim, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”. Furthermore, he also wants to cancel payments to UN climate change programs, lift production limits on coal, and withdraw from the Paris agreement.

If Donald Trump would become President of the Philippines, our environment and wildlife preservations would plummet. Nickolodeon would have probably started building their underwater theme park off the coast in Palawan. Philippine eagles would go extinct within his four years of office and the country would become an industrialized wasteland.

The United States is a different country from the US in terms of size, government, and it’s people. Social and economic issues is purely different from ours, so we can’t really say that Trump would actually do all of this if in any case he becomes President of the Philippines. However, we can all agree to disagree that Trump is a much better politician than PRRD.


This post was written by MJ Mendoza from iPrice group, a price comparison and meta-search engine based in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

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