I was once a child

youtube, screen grabbed
youtube, screen grabbed
youtube, screen grabbed

It’s playtime!!! This is what I loved. I play and play with my friends till i get tired. My mom is calling but I acted like I can’t hear her until she’s bursting. I hurriedly run towards her, i saw both of her hands on the waist, saw her angry face with curved eyebrows then i jumped at her , put my small hands around her neck then kissed on her check.

I said “Hey Mom, I haven’t notice you. Have you seen how I ran fast and caught Chloe? I’m good,right?” And i notice, her expression became soft and a small smile shown in her face. I know how to pacify her madness.

She carried me and i felt secured inside her arms.

She lay me down in the sofa, gave my delicious snacks and it’s so cheesy and yummy. She feds me heartily and I couldn’t ask anything except long life for my Mom.

Oh, it’s raining. I asked Mom to allow me if I can play under the rain with my friends. Yeah and definitely she agree with it. My friends are waiting outside and we went not far from our house or else Mom will be paranoid again. We played tag of war , hide and seek and many more. And as you can imagine, our clothes were soaked of mud.

We made some small balls out of mud , form mountains , we made anything that you can make out of clay. We’re just very creative, since we don’t have clay we used our common sense. We’re almost freezing!!! We decided to go home, drink warm water as mom said to avoid colds and changes my clothes.

Afterwards,I switched on our black and white, 14 inches tv and there it is.. my favorite cartoon show, Tom and Jerry. I laughed and laughed out loud , giggled and oh I fell from our sofa. I wanted to cry but I saw my Mom holding her laughter so i burst out laughing and mom tickled me.

Such  wonderful memories to keep , I wish I will be young forever ,but it’s impossible.

We can’t turn back the time, let’s make every child live their lives to the fullest.

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