I Still Believe That Love Conquers All

“You are sunlight and I moon, joined by the gods of fortune…You are here like a mystery. I’m from a world that’s so different from all that you are. How in the light of one night did we come so far?”Sun, Moon    (Photo Credit:     Kamilogy.wikia)

Those were some lines from Sun and Moon, a very beautiful song from Miss Saigon sung by the main characters Kim (Lea Salonga) and Chris (Christopher Scott).

Sun and moon, impossible to meet, but sometimes do happen. Scientifically, they are the Solar and Lunar eclipse. That’s another story that has to be explained technically and I am leaving that to the professionals.

But if we refer to the sun and moon as lovers, in the context of a love story, it will be tantamount to a love story of a rich boy-poor girl or vise versa, or the you-belong-to-the-heavens-with-the-gods-and-I-am-just-a-mere-human-being-on-earth lovers.

Does social standing always have to be a hindrance when it comes to love? Are the rich ones only made for their fellow rich and the poor only belongs to the poor also? Should inter-racial and interfaith differences be a stumbling block for any relationship to work? There are many reasons that people concoct just to make excuses for a relationship not to prosper or come to reality, but I believe otherwise.

I believe that love shouldn’t have limits nor bounds. When we love, it should be unconditional. Just plain loving because you truly love that someone. Love actually knows no reasons. It is immeasurable and unfathomable beyond our understanding.

If you set standards in loving a person, then you’re not loving from your heart, where that great emotion is supposed to come from. It’s more like you are loving using your mind and letting it manipulate you in your decisions, other than feeling it with your heart.

As I always say, when in doubt, follow your heart…for the mistake of the heart will never be as foolish as the mistake of the mind. Close your eyes and simply follow your heart’s desire, and just feel the love emanating from it for the person you’ve chosen to offer that love sublime.

“Because I love you, I will do my best to make our two different worlds meet. Come hell or high water, we will make this relationship work even we are distance apart and even we have a lot of differences…even when you are the sunlight and I, the moon, I’ll reach out to you and make you feel that my love is true.

Nothing is impossible with love, when two hearts are beating together as one and are singing the same tune. And when the only reason is because I love you and you love me, we could never go wrong. Love indeed will conquer all.”

author:  © monette d. calugay



  1. i have let the sun and moon met…i closed my eyes and followed my hearts desire whatever will happen i guess i just have to be ready…definitely LOVE CONQUERS ALL…

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