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(Photo Credit: My.englishclub)
(Photo Credit: My.englishclub)

I am going crazy with what I am studying right now. It’s giving me few nerves, for the moment, but I have to do it. I want to be a great paralegal (American dream) What makes me a nut is the learning skill on Microsoft word. Skills on Microsoft make one a good paralegal as many believe. I am too. Back in the old days typing 345 words a minute was a skill too, but we do it on a typewriter.

I belong to that time in history. In short, I am “ancient.” The great discovery –  the “computer” came along. Everybody was awed and in a hurry to learn to be in, but I was not part of them. My knowledge in computer is confined to typing.

I mean encoding in word, copy and paste and email. I am done.

It has been recently that I learned how to attach a document, picture, and video. This situation now brings me back to my class in MS TCM at Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Cagayan de Oro.

Norman Stan Balino, my teacher was good in computer, and shares it with the students. But why I am ignorant until now.

There are reasons I can think of:

First it could be that I did not pay attention and second in my country secretaries do this stuff, and I had one.

I will tell you a short experience: Sarah (my secretary at COV TV) confided she was having problems with the computer because of a “virus”.

I told her ”Sarah, that is why it pays to clean the office every day.”

I was serious about it and she was just laughing. It was only late that I came to know what virus is.  ^_^

Would you believe my first assignment on drafting a retainer agreement last week I have to send it to the Philippines and have it formatted by my daughter? This is  funny, but true. Now, I’ve got to know hard return, soft return, what to look in “VIEW” “INSERT” and click alignment so that this piece is aligned.

I never knew that CTRL Home would carry back to the original, that shift and tab do wonders, layout and breaking pages. Or the ever reliable ctrl z or ctrl end.

At my age, this is hard stuff, (lol).

In fact I dreamed about this a lot of time these days; that I end up moving my fingers.

Now, I am familiarizing myself with these things on the keyboard: ctrl, shift, tab, enter, back space, tool bar, menu, black underline, track changes and the hidden icons that are there.

This is fun, and I am on a learning mode.

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