I am a Young Stepmother

Stepmom (Photo Credit: dorsi.hubpages)
Stepmom (Photo Credit: dorsi.hubpages)

In my young age of 25, I am already a stepmother of a fifteen-year-old child. I knew it before we got married. At first, it is alright with me seeing her with us. After a month of staying under one roof, she became close with my eldest son who is eleven years younger than her. My son accommodates her throughout her stay. Since she was new to me, I observed her. I noticed she has this hidden behavior that I don’t like – lazy, liar, greedy and one time my son told me sinapak siya ng ate niya. I discovered it on my own. I didn’t tell my husband about it. I said I will give her a chance, but my heart doesn’t want to anymore.

Stepmom		 (Photo Credit: dorsi.hubpages)
Stepmom (Photo Credit: dorsi.hubpages)

That’s true. Every time my husband talked about her, I get angry! I want to tell my husband to ignore her forever, but it can’t be. It is his blood, ako wala lang. We just became one in a paper called marriage license. Call me selfish, but I don’t like the child to be with us. But how can I say it loud? I am becoming paranoid with that child. It’s as if she likes her father to be with her mother again. And anybody would want to have a complete family, and so I guess that what she wants. Hindi naman pwwede na pati mama niya makikitira, and it is not far to happen kung andito ang anak niya sa amin. I hated my life as her stepmother. I tried to be good and civilized with her. I don’t like to be tagged as her wicked stepmother.

I realized I should still have sympathy for the child for she’s just longing for her father’s presence. The grievances I have in my heart may not be good for her, but I am just a mother who protects the rights of my kids and family.

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