Human Rights is for ‘every human’

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Most people may not be aware of what rights they do have as a human, but they do not lack the desire for basic protections that every human being rightfully deserve. They know what they want and deserve and that is topped by dignity and respect.

As the Human Rights Day is fast approaching, more and more groups are now organizing rallies in connection to the said event. There are many notions of human rights, but let us talk about our number one concern: PROTECTION.

Is human rights just for the victims of heinous crimes, or for the perpetrators of the crimes committed against them? Whom is it for, really?

As for the crime perpetrators, there is no question that they deserve due process because if a suspect is convicted despite his innocence, that would be worse. But let me ask those who oppose the war on drugs: Was the chance of life given to the victims when they were brutally killed by those guilty of heinous crimes? We have different opinions stemming from our own different experiences and beliefs. But we have a common denominator: Thirst for Peace.

Our hearts break whenever we see images of atrocities and barbarism and that make us fearful for our own safety. But do you know what really is dangerous? That is when the government does nothing to suppress the common cause of violence—drugs. War on drugs may have led to significant number of casualties but let us not forget the real intention behind it. It is for us. We all know where that campaign stemmed from. Of course, we all like to be safe from harm, and to know that we are protected from the bad elements of society would mean a lot. For that, I am thanking the President, the military and the police, and the human rights groups for balancing the equation.

Let us stop the hate. We should refrain from asking whom human rights is for. It is for everybody. Its notion will mean little unless every human is treated with respect and dignity. Let us not fight about who deserves it more because it is for each and every one of us. Let us try to open our minds in understanding what the point of another person with a different view is. If all our hearts can be seen, we would know that they only yearn for three simple things: Life, Love, and Happiness.

Happy Human Rights Day, fellow humans! Spread love everywhere.


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