Hugot Island Serye: How to Travel with Feelings?

4 Easy Steps:
Step 1: Be Inspired!
Who or what is your inspiration? It can be your family, friends, boyfriend / girlfriend or your ultimate crush. ( Ikaw, oo, Ikaw ang inspiration ko)
    • Beach / Ocean – Minsan lugar, madalas ikaw. (ang alat mo kasi sakin)
    • Mountain – Love on top: Isigaw mo ang nararamdaman mo, kahit na walang makakrinig nito.
    • City  – Traffic: May forever dito, but you know that forever’s not enough.
  • Think about your inspiration and the reason on why you are traveling.
  • Inhale positivity and exhale negativity. (make sure that you have a fresh breath)
Step 2: Status check!
Are you happy and jolly? Or are you sad and (oh my golly)?
(It’s ultimately complicated)
  • Planning stage: with a group or travel buddy or going solo? – (Ikaw ba ay wagi o sawi?)
  • If you are single and wants to mingle, join travel groups and maybe you can meet your Mr. / Ms. Right? Or let fate / destiny be your travel buddy.
  • If you are single and wants to be alone and move on, make some “hugot” while traveling.
  • If you will travel with a group, plan for an official hashtag (make sure that it’s relevant to your trip)
Step 3: Travel Essentials checklist:
What to bring? (Checklist for your travel with feelings):
  1. Bag – Buti pa yung bag ang daming laman. Di tulad nang puso ko na para sayo lamang. (umaasa ka pa din ba?)
  2. Clothes – Kailangan mo din magpalit nang damit, kung ayaw mong bumaho at ikaw ay biglang ipagpalit. (ang saklap nun, maligo ka naman pag may time)
  3. Camera – “Don’t take anything but pictures”:  Pero nakuha mo ang puso ko.
  4. Toiletries and make up (for kikays) – Nung dumating ka, nagkaroon nang kulay ang aking buhay.
Step 4: Strike a pose!
Number 1 gadget while traveling is a camera.  (a must-have!)
Here are some travel pose with feelings:
1. Selfie superstar: Let me take a selfie, and I’ll take you as my boyfie (break it down yo’)
 2. Talikod-genic: Follow me – Ang ganda nang view diba? Pero mas maganda kung kasama kita.
3. Candid-genic: aka Drama King / Queen – Kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin, wag lang ang puso kong meron nang nag-aangkin. (ouch!)

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