However Tough the Battle is, Roxas will Triumph


Even if as of now midway through the race, Mar Roxas in his steady pace has not made considerable stride over Poe, Binay or Duterte, what would clinch the presidential trophy for Roxas is the incumbent’s party machinery. That’s a fact.

Also, as the campaign progresses, Mar’s team had been consistently hammering on the “Straight Path” message, reaching people of every towns and city. Subliminally the message has already taken root, that on the last reckoning, this is what people would remember apart from his rivals’ discordant rhetoric.

As the voting time comes, across the A, B, D, D, and E, class, the civic conscience of these people will ask: Which among the four candidates who want my vote is healthy, untainted, smart, tested, and can deliver? Only the baton holder of the “Tuwid na Daan” for sure without guilt can get their civic conscience satisfied.

During the start of the four-way race, each of the four forerunners is measured but found wanting. As the campaign heated up, and the debate started, people get the picture how these candidates measured up.

All three; Binay, Poe, and Duterte are still found wanting. Roxas, on the other hand, rises above all. He unshackled that myth that he can’t connect. It was revealed in the second debate.

Jejomar Binay’s case is a given. Binay in his insistence that he is not corrupt until proven in the court of law, despite that documentation of his corruption in the recent COA report, whatever he said on the campaign trail sounded hollow and pretentious. People are already convinced he is corrupt. He is as if stigmatized. His face becomes the new symbol, label, or brand of corruption.

Grace Poe’s platform of government is anchored on motherhood statement. The reason being is she has not been in any way a player in the Philippine Theatre of Bureaucracy. She doesn’t have a hand on experience yet of the government’s inner working and intricacies. Her short stint as Chairman of MTRCB is raw. In the second debate when asked what would she do if in the middle night she was informed that the Philippine’s two Coast Guard Cutter were bombed by China – her response were litanies of motherhood statements of “dapat sana…, ganito…, ganyan…,” When she was alerted that she didn’t really answer the question, she said, “E ‘di babangon”. It was a joke, but also indicative of amateurish sensibilities of a newbie. This can be dangerous. Also, a newbie surrounded by seasoned traditional politicians with a personal vested interest to put forward to, in all probabilities can push undue influence to her decisions. This would have an effect in the nation’s interest. Why trust a newbie who while on the learning curve can stunt the growing momentum of the nation?

Rodrigo Duterte is a man devoid of substance. His sewage lingo, the context of which, keep on changing at whims, does not carry with it respectability; therefore lacks credibility. His boast of eradicating corruption is a big baloney. One, if lucky, can only reduce it. He also said he would put the country out of drugs in six months. Everyone knows that’s an outrageous claim. Even the US government cannot get it done in their own backyard. It is good for humor consumption, but can be dismissed as totally crap. When asked how many big and influential people he had eliminated as oppose to those petty criminals he had killed, he couldn’t name one. The Philippines is not ready yet for his brand of “bara-bara” leadership.

Mar Roxas’ persistent lackluster performance in the polls before the official campaign started, pundits attributed this to his not being able to connect with the D & E, class. However, in his closing statement, “Bring back the Philippines to decent Filipinos”, in the last debate, the connection has been forged. Its message pierced through the hearts of every decent working individual of the country. They could relate to what Mar Roxas is saying. These decent people who often times get a raw deal from the patronage system, from the dishonest and business crooks, from the law transgressors, struck a chord in their everyday lives. Mar Roxas said the “The Straight Path” took measures to correct these imbalances. But, now these shenanigans are making a comeback. So Mar Roxas implored to bring back the Philippines to decent Filipinos guided by the “Straight Path” principles with improvements if it need be.


  1. Is this a satirical article? It should be, or else this man is giving us a big Joke with unfounded generalizations and false analogies…

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