How Will You Treat Someone Whom You Used to Love?

Ex-Lovers (Photo credit: Gypsymagicspells.blogspot)
Ex-Lovers (Photo credit: Gypsymagicspells.blogspot)
Ex-Lovers    (Photo credit:     Gypsymagicspells.blogspot)
Ex-Lovers (Photo credit: Gypsymagicspells.blogspot)

Isn’t it hard to just act as if nothing between you has occurred? Trying to deny the fact that you used to have a special relationship or connection that used to bond the two of you, trying to suppress the special feelings you used to feel for each other…

FRIENDS. Some find it hard to treat the one they used to love as a friend. Because the tendency of having that kind of relationship makes it hard to move on. Why? Memories that the two of you used to share will not be applicable anymore because your status is not the same anymore. As if now there  exists a barrier.

For some, staying as friends makes  it stronger for them because the relationship is stronger and you’re saving the two of you from being enemies or strangers to each other. The two of you will sacrifice the SPECIAL EMOTION to a RELATIONSHIP that  both of you know where you will stay and have a stronger and longer bond.

STRANGERS. This is the stage where the two of you try to act as if you have never been introduced to each other. As if you’re trying to block any aspect or memory the two of you used to share.

EX-ES. Where you label someone who used to be your lover but it just never worked out. A past lover that you try to forget or even curse, while some have stories where they still can’t manage to find someone better that they end up, falling for the same person all over again.

TIL WE MEET AGAIN. Where the two of you can still continue the story in a way that the two of you still feel the same feelings after the break up. This part usually depends on the two if they still want to continue it and prove that the cliché,  “Love is Better the SECOND TIME around” really exists.

Trying to convince yourself that it will pass.

Convincing oneself that SOMEDAY SOMEONE BETTER will come.

But who knows, somewhere in time, you’ll be able to treat the person you used to love; someone who has given you lessons and has contributed something in life specially in the aspect of LOVE.

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