How To Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

how to take full responsibility for your life

Are you feeling like a victim of the society or maybe no matter how much you tried to make it right, bad consequences awaits you in the end? You feel like wanting to give up and the easiest way you can do right at the very moment is to point fingers to anyone whose involves in the said incidents.

You often heard the word that says, ‘take full responsibility for your own life’ but you are finding hard to grasp the concept which you prefer to pass the blame to someone else because you are looking for an easy way out or maybe because that’s what you often heard to so many and that you think it is alright to blame because you have enough valid reasons to do so.

Knowing how to take full responsibility for your life plays an important role in finding your life purpose rather than wasting your time and energy blaming other people.

But the question is, how to take full responsibility for your life?

Or maybe you don’t care and just simply ignore the fact that regardless if you want it or not, it is your responsibility. No other way!

Imagine what would it be like if you swear and promise it to yourself that from this now on forward you’ll take full responsibility for your life, no ifs, no buts.

Can you imagine what would it be like? It would be amazing I can assure you because only taking responsibility for your life gives you the real sense of fulfilment.

What does it mean taking full responsibility for your life?  Does it mean not to listen to any other people?  Of course not, but to listen to the song of your heart. It is alright to ask for an advice to anyone you wish to, but you must take full responsibility for the outcomes.

Taking full responsibility for your life means knowing how to handle your own emotion. Your emotion is the only thing you fully own that no one is in control of. Whatever you do and say in relation to yourself, emotion is part of it. You carry it along with you wherever you go. It is by knowing how to control your emotion will lead you to take full responsibility for your life.

Taking full responsibility for your life doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own, but simply by acknowledging the fact that whatever you see around that affects you positively or negatively is a reflection of what is going on with you vibrationally.

With regards to children, that is going to be a different story that we need to tackle in my next blog post.

How To Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

  • By taking full responsibility for your own actions and decisions – It is a must. Yes, you aren’t perfect and you can’t make things right all the time, regardless of how much you tried to, but when you know that your actions and decisions are part of your responsibility in life, you won’t dare to waste any single minute of your time to count it against you NOR to other people, but simply you try to move on for the second time around with no regret.
  • By understanding that you are the creator of your own life reality – Yes, I understand you aren’t aware of this, but the good thing is, you don’t need to believe because whether you are aware or not, it is working on you all day and night. The advantage of knowing that you are the creator of your own reality is you completely stop blaming other people of your misfortune or to any positive/negative events or situations occurred in your day to day lives.
  • By having a pure knowing that people have their own belief system – Precisely, just like YOU. You are here on this living Universe to co-create with another human being, expect to meet different types of people from all walks of life, but your own responsibility is to keep your own beliefs to yourself and not trying to drag someone else to agree with you.
  • STOP BLAMING – Blaming is often the caused of arguments and regardless of your handful valid reasons, blaming is never going to be the answer, if you refer to the things mentioned above, you’ll then begin to realise that blaming is no longer necessary.
  • By knowing that you are the centre of your own Universe – You have given your own free will to live life the way you want. No one has given the right to say things such as, you must do this or do that, or else you aren’t fulfilling your true life purpose.
  • By taking care of your emotion – As I have mentioned above, knowing how to handle your own emotion is a total must, regardless of what you do in life, and when good things happen to you, gives credit to yourself because it only means you are tuning into the right frequency of the things you want, same with when bad things happen to you which it means you are not in the right frequency to receive the abundance you want, but rather than to blame someone, it is now easy for you to just smile and move forward in life.
  • By remembering that your FUTURE lies within you two bare hands- Yes exactly. You have your own mind, body and soul which you are the only one who has given the right to take full control of. It’s all up to you on how to balance between the three because they both need food to survive in order to have a balanced lifestyle. You can’t just feed your body while neglecting your mind and soul on the other hand.

So What do you think? How do you take full responsibility for your life? I have shared mine and hope this will help you in some way.


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