How To Deal With Divorce Positively

how to deal with divorce positively

 This blog post is not about what is right or wrong, but it is about making the most of where you are, regardless of your present marital condition.

Let’s talk about divorce, regardless of the reason, neither one of the parties is a victim which, unfortunately, the majority think as one. The ‘divorce’ sounds like a hell place to them, it could be because you aren’t physically, emotionally or financially ready to face life on your own, and you let the situation control over your emotion.


I am happily married for 8 years, but it doesn’t mean I am against with divorce its just that I am neutral and that I have no resistance NOR negative emotions attach to the word divorce, regardless of my marital status.

Let’s start with as HUSBAND-WIFE.

Two souls bind together, two become one. You co-create as husband and wife which it doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything, just like ME and my HUSBAND, we are like two souls that acting like a CAT and DOG, especially when it comes to the age difference.

I am 36 while my husband is 53. He sounds like he knows everything the INS/OUTS of life, and I am still this little baby eager to know and want to experience life first hand.

The question is, Why I am still in this marriage if we fought and argued? For a simple reason it is because I chose to, and if I decide to walk away it is my choice too.

But my Journey of Self-Discovery brought me to see life in a way that no physical eyes could see, the reason I am here to spread a positive message to the world not to teach you how to run your life but to show you to the clarity of my own example.

Now you are married to this very loving, gentle man OR perhaps you are married to a man whom you think don’t deserve your love, either you love him still or he no longer loves you, it doesn’t matter, DIVORCE exists because one of you chose and decide to.


No divorce is bad because one way or the other, there will be one soul eager to be FREE, it could be YOU, it could be your other half, or it could be both of you mutually agreed to continue the divorce proceeding because you come to realize that there is more life ahead of you rather than to be with someone that you are no longer happy with.

Where are you at those category mentioned above? Are you the one who is eager to be free or the one who wants to stay because you still love your husband/wife?

Regardless of your chosen category, your best choice in life is to let HIM/HER go whole heartily. You love him yes I know, but you have to love yourself too and part of loving yourself is to seek joy and be happy, regardless of your current circumstances because that is your LIFE PURPOSE.

The reason why it hurts you that bad it is because you let the situation control over your emotion, rather than let your emotion control over the situation. The pain and all those dramas in life are there for you to control, rather than you allow it to control you.

The consequences of allowing your situation to control your emotion are when you think that you are the victim to the point where you do self-pity all the time, or worst is by pointing fingers to anyone or to your other half for causing the marriage to fail.

All of those above mentioned are plain simple lies because regardless of any dramas, LIFE goes on, the world exists the way it is, So you better get up and say this to yourself, LIFE is good for me and always will be, with or without a wife/husband.


As a human being you are born to be selfish which it means to care how you feel, the reason why you are finding hard to let that person go for the purpose of making yourself happy, but the problem is your soon to be ex-husband-wife want to be selfish too.

Both of you wants to be selfish because that is your natural state of being, it is to go after what makes you happy. But the only way to satisfy your own selfishness is to be happy, regardless.



It is one of the reasons why divorce hard to deal with, it is because you can’t accept the fact that someone like him will do that to you. It is not about accepting, but it is about being grateful for all the negative life experience you may encounter. In doing so, facing divorce come easy.

How To Deal With Divorce Positively


  1. Be Happy with or without him/her.

  2. Be Grateful for all the positive/negative experience.

  3. Have Positive Outlook in Life.

  4. Do Positive Self-Talk -It is not about what is right or wrong, but it is about how you feel when you do things.

  5. Think Of Your Positive Memories In The Past -In doing so, you invited positive change to come into your life which includes attracting a new partner or perhaps you may get back together.

  6. Live At The Present Moment- What happened yesterday or a minute ago is no longer irrelevant to where you wanted to be, focus on the NOW because NOW is the only time there is.

  7. Enjoy the love you feel at the moment and let that positive momentum carry you along in life.

  8. Get rid of the dramas in life, learn to be happy on your own without any companion because people come and go when they chose to.

  9. Love yourself unconditionally.

  10. Forgive yourself, regardless if you are the cause of the divorce or not.

  11. Stop needing someone or something because feeling ‘needy’ means you are not ready to receive all the abundance in terms of money, health, wealth and happiness.

  12. If your ex-husband/wife has a new partner, be happy for them, nothing else you can do, take it as a sign that there are something better awaits for you because the world continues to revolve, regardless how many times you divorce.

  13. Send positive thoughts and gratitude to your ex-husband/wife because gratitude plays an important role to take you place you never dreamed of possible.


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