How To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

How To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

Yes. We were born to accomplish things. We were born to achieve our dreams and goals.believe in yourselfYou have that so-called dream ever since the day you were born, yet, you are afraid to try new things, because you are scared to jump into the unknown.

We ask you many times, What do you really want? And you quite hesitant to answer back because you aren’t strong enough to even acknowledge your goal just for a no-sense reason, and that is ‘I am scared to fail’ .

|You have so many plans, it is even written down on a piece of paper, you carried it all along with you and you even kept thinking about it all the time, but deep down you are in pain and struggling to believe in yourself.

And for you it is hard to believe because you want at least one person will tell you that you are doing fine, and that you are doing well, you waited for a confirmation from your parents or to anyone that you can think of might help to assure that you are leading to the right direction.

Your friends may say, do this and your family will say, No, it’s better for you to do this or else you’ll be wasting your time, and they would say, I know better than you do, been there done that.

Or some other may say, you can’t do that or this because that is way too impossible, you are too young or too old, worst is.. they will tell you to stop dreaming and just accept life the way it is.

And then… BOOM! your dreams disappeared out of nowhere.

You scared to follow your intuition, you scared to take a leap of faith because your eyes and ears are too busy to hear from the outside noise.

We want you to know that you aren’t alone, your soul being knows you more than anyone else in the world.

How To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

 Does it really matter?

Are you still waiting for that single person to tell you, Yes, go ahead, yet, that single person

girl having disappointment in love

is out of nowhere, you may get tired of waiting until time comes you lose momentum and your dream is nowhere to be found, you know the saying that goes, It is better to fail to try, rather than not to try at all.

Exactly, it’s alright to fail, because failure is where the success is, more importantly, it is alright when no one is there behind your back to support you, not even a single shadow is totally fine.

We want you not to feel bad either, because your dreams matter the most not who is with you.

Of course, it is nice to have someone to cheer you up and to assure you that everything isscared to jump into the unknown going to be alright, yes, we all need inspiration, we all need one to make us feel safe and stable, although we can assure you that it isn’t totally a must in order to be successful.

You are doing well on your own, we could see you struggling at times, but we believe you managed fine.

The best attitude you can have is when you can proudly say to yourself, I am okay on my own because I believe others have their own dreams to attend to just like I do.

Be mindful that others are also busy attending life to its fullest, in any way that makes them feel happy and satisfy. We know, you want your parents, brother, sister, or even your wife/husband to support you all the way through, but sometimes you can’t just push them to say or do things in any way that please you, the only best way you can do, is to make that dream of yours happen at all cost, regardless if they will support you or not.

Nothing can bet than to rely on your own ability to do things and let others do their own thing too. We all have these moments that we need someone to acknowledge our existence, but if that person would say, No, I am too busy to keep an eye on you, then let that person go.

Your dreams are waiting for you, it’s only become your reality until you take action towards it, your dreams are made especially for you, it is only you can make it all happen, it is you who will decide to get up in the morning to start taking a baby step each day.

And regardless if there is someone will be there for you to support you or none at all, no make a difference to your dreams, it is still you who will fight all against odds, no one else but YOU.

The people in your lives will be there for you when they choose to, it’s their right as a human being, not just because they are your family that you expect them to be there for you and it makes you feel bad when they aren’t.

It is your dream, you are the only one that is responsible for making your dreams come alive, let alone people will come to support you in their own chosen time.

What matter is you get to decide and make a promise to yourself to take full responsibility of your goals and dreams and to never let anyone interfere you in any way.

Be mindful that people come and go, even your own beloved friends and family, no matter how supported they are to you, at any given point of time, one way or another, they will disappear out of the blue, because no one owns anyone but only you owns YOU.

Don’t wait for that single person to hear any of his promising words, yours alone is more than enough.

You will never be alone in any way because millions of people here on earth will help you to accommodate in order to make your dreams do come true, the whole world is within your reach, let the Universe bring the right people for you and watch what happens.

Your only job is to act towards it, every little way counts, because it leads you to where you wanted to be.

It doesn’t matter how small or big the steps you take each day because all that matter is you are being consistent and willing to do whatever it takes, no ifs, no buts.

The best ingredients for success is when you dare to believe in yourself even when no one else does.

You have to build a solid foundation within, in order you to face all the naysayers and criticisms with your heads held up high.

So, when no one is there to support NOR will believe in you, it is alright because you are what it takes to be successful, not with how many supporters you’ll ever have.

Believe and have faith in yourself, and when you have those two, the world is all yours, no one could take that power away from you.

Be inspired and be gentle to yourself, focus on your way in achieving your dreams, not on how many people in your family will support you, because literally it is pure irrelevant, those are out of your control and you can’t be sure of on how long they can keep up on you, everyone has the right to say Yes or No.

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