Hospital (Ar)Rest? The day my kids realized their Mom is no “Wonderwoman”

Have you been sick and hospitalized?

If you’re a solo parent and have a number of children…and you suddenly realized you need to go to the hospital ASAP… that’s panic time!

I saved some photos to remind me of the overflowing love I received from my kids when I was in too much pain and asked to be taken to the hospital. My youngest son took me to the ER and I could see he was restless, worried to death. I was sure he texted his siblings as he kept on typing on his mobile phone.

Knowing me, they are certain I wouldn’t bring myself to a hospital unless I was fearing a huge problem…unless I could not take the pain anymore. ‘Pag unbearable na. So they were taking my condition seriously.

I was diagnosed with pneumonia, way too low BP, high creatinine, worrisome WBC, and also UTI…. then on Thursday, too high BP! Labu-labo na. hahaha If I’m not more careful this time, Doc even said I might be a candidate for dialysis, among other scary details.

Overall it was a worrisome week but what really touched me is that my first time hospitalization brought my kids to my side right away…. they were willing to part with their money just so I make it to good health. They dropped their work to be with me, to take care of me. I saw their concern, drowned in their love and the attention they gave me.

They spoonfed me when I allowed it ^_^ slept beside me in the hospital by turns so they’d know my status every minute, every hour. I literally bathed in their love.

And I rather enjoyed it.

It’s not that I doubted their love prior to my getting so sick. It’s just that I have gotten so used to looking after myself and not really making it known that I was sick or something. My kids seldom see me in bed as I was a true blue workaholic with a capital W.

Yes, I was always busy that sleep has become a nuisance, so to speak. Not a good thing, I know. But it has become my way of life especially since all of my four treasures entered school. I just had to keep going…and going…and going.

Burning my candle both ends? Yes, I think that’s the best way to describe my worrisome “way of life.”

Anyway, as the saying goes…”Bawal magkasakit.” Too expensive especially when you have huge bills to pay and the house is in dire need of renovation.

On the sixth day, I begged my doctor to allow me to go home and be an outpatient as I was feeling a lot better.

He gave me permission, although not without a lot of instructions and prescriptions.

Well, all four kids were there to take me home and it was a noisy last day at the hospital room. My crazy bunch  – 3 boys and a girl aged 24-30 – were like high school buddies teasing each other on various subject matters. They were scolding me, each one of them, and threatening to tie me up if I so much as abuse my body again.

“Sleep sleep din pag may time, Mom,” my firstborn said.

“Pasaway no more ha,” says my daughter.

I know I am not Wonderwoman, but to my kids, I am the nearest version. Well, getting sick proved I am not.  lols

Overall, it was a pleasant one week “holiday” when all I could do was sleep, eat, watch television and — have some real sweet conversation with my grown up babies.

Honestly, not counting the eyebrow-raising bill of the hospital, I made sure to record this week-long sickness in my “Great Memories” journal.



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