Hoping for a Better Year in Export

(Photo Credit: Retfi.org) Definitely Filipino
(Photo Credit:  Retfi.org)  Definitely Filipino
(Photo Credit: Retfi.org) Definitely Filipino

In another Gulf Food Show in Dubai, UAE to be participated by different food manufacturing and export consolidation companies from the Philippines, exporters pray and hope for a bullish performance in the food export.

With the growing numbers of Filipinos in the Middle East, the demand for Philippine food products continue to grow. There is no stopping the growth, according to Golden Star President Vinay Gandhi, who is one of the major distributors of Philippine food products in UAE. I see the challenge amongst our Filipino partners who export to Dubai, on the sudden fall of the US dollars against the Philippine peso. This is a difficult issue that your government needs to address with caution.

Personally, while this is a welcome development on the part of the government to making our pesos strong against the mighty dollar, the fact remains that it reality cuts both ways. First, the dollars come mostly from our OFW, exporters and foreign investors. Ultimately, they are the ones who will be affected by this. This is something that the government fails to see. On the other hand, this shows the government is doing well in its performance in terms of economic policy and reform programs. While this may draw mix reaction from both parties that are affected by this, it is important that the government needs to do some intervention in order to see the adverse effect to the greater proportion.

In my last visit at CITEM (Center for International Trade Exposition and Mission) in Pasay office and compound last week, I see so many cottages that are vacant. These cottages could be used in showcasing various Philippine products, food, non-food and handicrafts, and include this in our government’s tourism campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” program. We need a holistic program from various government agencies that will not just push the Philippines’ destinations, but also our products produced and created by different tribes or companies in the Philippines. Look at Thailand, Cambodia and China, when you take a tour there, the tourist guides will include the specialty stores that sell products from their country. Sometimes, you will laugh at the quality, but the point is, they have a good program that draw tourists to buy from them.

I have so much trust and confidence in our Philippine products. Our handicrafts’ affordability, quality and craftsmanship are world class. And for the food and delicacies, the taste, price and quality are beyond compare. This is the reason why the demands for Philippine food products continue to grow not only in the Middle East, but also in the whole world.

For this year, I am hoping and praying that the performance of our export will grow by leaps and bound. Last but not the least, that as election draws near, our government and our lawmakers will come up with concrete laws and programs that support our export industry. Our neighbors left us behind. Thailand, Laos and Vietnam who were lagging behind us 3 decades ago, are now one of the major sources of products that are imported by the first world countries.

To our Filipino Exporters who are participating in the Gulf Food Show 2013, fly high and seize Dubai, and eventually the whole world with the Philippine products that you have been painstakingly marketing to the world for our Filipinos living and working abroad, and also for those foreigners who fell in love with our products. Mabuhay po kayong lahat!!!

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