His and Her Circumstances…

Ang sabi nila, hindi daw pwedeng magkaroon ng pure friendship between a man and a woman, kung magkaroon man daw, it is either homosexual sila: hindi nila makitang opposite sex ang isa’t isa, or hindi totoong friendship ang namamagitan sa kanila, in short, they are merely using their “friendship” as a form of excuse. Excuse for what? I don’t know perhaps excuse to spend some time together?

But did you guys really think it’s impossible? Have you never even thought that it might just be you who’re giving too much meaning on trivial things? Have you even thought that you are thinking stereotypically?
Kapag ang isang babae or kahit lalake ay nakitang naglalakad sa mall na may kasamang opposite sex at silang dalawa lang, ang mga taong di naka-kikilala sa kanila iniisip na magkarelasyon sila. Madalas, kahit ang mga taong nakakikilala sa kanila kapag nakita sila ito ang sasabihin: Oh nagde-date na naman kayo, or Magka-date na naman kayo tapos sasabihin nyo friends lang. Friends lang yourselves. Kapag nag spend ng quality time ibig sabihin date na? Hindi ba pwedeng bonding moments lang, kailangan talaga date na agad? It’s not even necessarily mean that they’re dating sometimes, if you would just try to look deeper you would see two different people sharing the same weirdness in life, tamang topak sabi nga. In this world, full of different people, hindi lahat yan magkakaroon ng interes sa mga bagay na gusto mo at mayroong topak na kagaya ng sa’yo, maaring sampu o mababa pa sa sampu, at sa sampung iyon di mo masasabi na lahat yon at babae or lahat yon lalake.

Have you even thought that they understand each other in way that other people don’t? And those understandings exist simply because they are friends. Yung understanding na normal between friends it just so happen that it’s between a boy and a girl.

The boy and girl in that situation, I think, see each other as their equal. Someone who could be their rival and, most of the time, someone who they could just talk to about anything under the sun, have some coffee, or have a meal, have intelligent conversations, have arguments and then go back to what they were-Friends. Just like an ordinary friendship between same sexes, ang isa’t isa ang maituturing nilang paboritong tsinelas. After a long and tiring day walking and talking with many people, pagdating sa bahay they have their very own slippers, not too much but it’s comfortable. And, kahit na gaano kaganda ang shoes nila (heels and everything) they will end up looking for that tsinelas, at ang tsinelas na yon ay makikita lang nila sa bahay.

It may sound like I am speaking in a know-it-all manner, perhaps it’s because I do.

My friend told me, when I asked him why he didn’t fell in love with me after so many years, he said: Kasi may mga tao na minsan kahit ilagay mo sa iisang kwarto walang mangyayari sa kanila dahil friends talaga sila. And I agreed..

Do you really believe it’s somewhat impossible?

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