Incognito by nasrulekram

I had wanted to tell you my heart breaks slowly, and it’s so painful. But I never want you to know it does. Because you would know you have my love. I couldn’t risk it like that.

I wanted to tell you I can love more than you can imagine, more than you’ll ever need.

I wanted to tell you I am worth it. That I can make it worth your while, every minute of it. But I can’t. Even I, cannot convince myself I have worth.

love hides photo
Photo by DreamShoot by Marcel Steger

How can I ask you to take me instead when even I have been doubting myself?

So I am walking away and letting everything go. Because if I don’t do it now, I’m afraid I never could. And this heartbreak is already more than all of the others I’ve had before you. I don’t think I can survive it if I stay. I wouldn’t mind though. If only death would be quick and not like this. Every breath had been torture. Every heartbeat makes me weaker by the second.

I need to go, though I hate to say goodbye. But i have to. There’s no hope here for me, only pain. And I won’t want you to feel guilty that you can never return it.

love hides photo
Photo by Nick Kenrick..

I love you, and I hope for your happiness, always. And I pray you can find a love that would make you believe in forever.


Photo by nasrulekram