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Photo by PhoTones_TAKUMA

And I still do not comprehend just how you do it
To claim you love me, and yet, behave the opposite
Since when did love become a display of reckless abandon?
Inside your head, you must have thought that I’m a total moron

Since when did love become deceitful and so shady?
Since when did leaving your beloved came so easily?
Your stuffs are always packed, always willing and ready to go
For so many times did you know I died seeing you go

Since when did love become about neglect and chronic rejection?
Since when did love become about disregard and vilification?
I need to know why you find it necessary to inflict to me such pain
I need to know if the love you profess to me is genuine not feign

Did you know that you’re the only one who can truly break my heart?
Solely you have that much of me to murder me each time that you depart
And I do admit that I’m not so much the man you very well deserve
For you restrain me from being so through the acts and words you serve

I cried, you cried. After that, it was I, who cried and cried and cried
You stipulated that all your lives would be better only if I had died
Not realizing, for many years now, I have wished and prayed for that
I’d render me dead or broken, if that’s what it takes to make you glad

No one loves me I don’t deserve to be. You constantly reminded me
That the reason I’m alone is because there’s no one who can stand me
You are right, I believe you. Always, I will believe you, even in your lies
But please, oh cease, purporting love which your acts and words belies

You were able to convince me that I am hopeless.
Only when I finally accepted that you are heartless.

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