The Hand

I used to go to college at Silliman University, Dumaguete city. I was living in a 3 bedroom apartment. I had 2 of my other girl friends with me staying on the other 2 rooms.

It was around 7:00pm and I was just lying in bed reading a magazine and my bf(ex) was also reading some magazines and he was busy with the computer. After a while, we both heard a knock and instinctively I just hollered and said, “come on in!”  The doorknob turned and we saw a hand holding it and pushing the door open.

I hollered back again “come on in. Did you girls made dinner or something?” (my other friends were in the house so i thought it was either one of them). However, I realized a few seconds, no one came inside. So i nudged my bf to get up an check out who it was in case it was one of his friends just goofing around or what.

He went outside my room and went downstairs and nobody was there. Main doors were locked and my friends’ doors were locked as well. I went up and knocked on my other 2 friends’ doors to ask if they knocked on my door and opened it. They both said they did not. I looked at their hands and I realized it wasn’t either of them because they both (my friends) were wearing bracelets and rings, and they were fair skinned. I recall clearly that the hand was a girl/feminine structure, no jewelries or whatsoever. I recall clearly as well that the way my door was pushed opened it was a left hand, meaning if it was pushed open, i could have seen the person given that the position of the door was that the doorknob was on the right side (if you are in the inside of the room).

I thought I was just imagining things but when I saw my bf’s reaction, I realized i was not.

What spooked me was the idea that my doorknob was turned, my door was pushed open, I saw the hand and he saw the hand.  I just recently moved in to that apartment – like weeks.

Months later, I found out I was a month pregnant when that incident happened.

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