A Hair-Raising Encounter

Back in 1990, we lived in a new Village, out there in Cavite. Our backyard had banana trees and guava, and below,  a creek that separated our Village from an orchard owned by a big Fruit Distributor. All you can see is acres and acres of mango plantation. I have no neighbor on my right side and during nighttime, it is dark and oh so quiet.

On this particular night, my children were at their grandparents’ house, and their father was out of the country. I was alone in the house and was ready to go to bed. I didn’t care to turn on the lights, because the moonbeams were shining through the window. As I lay down, I saw a shadow , a black form . I couldn’t see any face but the shape I know it is of a big , tall man, standing right there at the corner, at the foot of my bed facing me.

I know for sure I wasn’t dreaming, I saw it come near me, and when I saw the mattress of my bed hollowed out from his weight when he sat down, I was paralyzed with fear and so I closed my eyes and prayed the “OUR FATHER.”

After some minutes, I opened one eye and when I was sure, he was no longer there, still shaking, I ran to the light switch and turned it on. I left in on the whole night but I didn’t get any sleep.

The next day, at work , I researched what I saw and this is what came back to me – INCUBUS- a demon who seeks women that are either alone or loneLy.

Thank God , I was saved by my prayer.

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