Guilty By Association?

Photo Credit: DZMM Teleradyo

First there was Bong and Jinggoy’s. Then came Senate President Drilon’s.

And now, the President’s himself.

Yes, I’m talking about the latest photo to come out of Napoles’ collection, this time it was Pres. Noynoy Aquino posing together with Napoles’ daughter Jeane in an event in Cebu last November 2012. If there’s anything we should thank Jeane, it should be for her vanity and for her choice of personalities to take ‘selfies’ with. Those pictures would have made a rather good page on a coffee table book if not for her mother’s fixation to pork barrels.

But what’s the big deal with the picture? A hundred others may have a taken picture with the President in the same occassion on the same night for all we know, right?

With the government finding itself in the midst of the pork barrel scam courtesy of Ms. Janet Napoles, does that really make the President guilty by association? Or as Spokesman Lacierda put it in reference to Sen. Drilon’s similar predicament, ‘guilty by photography’?

Being objective if we must, the picture does not prove anything to me. It is hardly a skeleton out of the Presidential closet. It is just like any other picture of a vaingloriuos, young lady whose ultimate objective is probably to be waged with a thousand likes on Facebook.

But should it receive similar flak as those of Bong’s, Jinggoy’s and Drilon’s?

No, because that wouldn’t be fair to the President. The picture was taken in a public event and thus looks seemingly innocent and harmless, if not ordinary. It would have been more interesting-slash-incriminating if it was in a private party with no less than Janet Napoles herself side-by-side with PNoy.

Besides, it is the very first thing to come out in public associating the President with the Napoleses. And I really hope it is the only one.

Which brings me to another, rather more intriguing part, much more than Jean’s picture with Pnoy.

It is the LETTER sent by Janet Napoles to the Office of the President.

The said letter, addressed to the President himself, was sent on April 17, 2013 and was received on the same day by Malacanan Palace.

Over the news (TV Patrol), Atty. Levito Baligod, lawyer for the whistleblowers, revealed a copy of the mysterious letter which showed the alleged connection of Napoles to Malacanan. Part of which read as follows (as published by DZMM Teleradyo):

“We write with feelings of disappointment, desperateness and extreme fear for our lives,”

“As a result of continuos threats, intimidation and even physical humiliation inflicted upon us by several unscrupulous individuals, in cohorts with some corrupt agents of the NBI.”

“Modesty aside, given our financial and social stature, it is clearly strange for us to commit the crime charged,”.

 “It is truly illogical and unbelievable.”

Of course, those excerpts still remains inconclusive for we are not privileged at all to see the whole content. However, the fact that the Palace, according to Atty. Baligod, acted on the letter almost immediately at the same time that it was received by calling DOJ Sec. De Lima to call the NBI, is what makes the matters more suspicious. It gives us a glimpse of how ‘connected’ Mrs. Napoles was to the government as she previously bragged about. It gives us an impression of how high this conspiracy may have gone up the hierarchy for taking the time themselves to act upon it.

Here’s my two-cents – the President may not be associated directly with Janet Napoles, but he could be associated with someone who is associated with her. And in there lies the mystery and the extent to which the President is connected to the pork barrel controversy, if he really is.

Going back to the picture above, as I’ve said it is nothing compared to the letter. While it is widely accepted that a picture speaks a thousand words, that letter is worth a thousand picture.

So if there’s anything we should be keeping well our eye on, it should be this letter and the mysteries surrounding it and not the picture of the vain Jeanne Napoles and Pnoy.

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