9748-silhouette-of-a-man-reading-by-the-ocean-pvI don’t expect but please don’t give me false hope. Please don’t make me hope…

I know that you will have your own life now, you will have your own world. A world wherein you can enjoy. A life wherein you can achieve better and soar higher. And I am happy with that. But please do not let me wait for you; do not even ask me to wait for you. I can wait but even my patience has a limit. I cannot wait for someone who will not return. I have my own life. I do not want to cling to you so let me be on my own. Your world will keep on spinning so do no let mine to stand still just for you.

I will not ask you to stay for you cannot stay. I can look away as leave. I prefer it that way. I can accept it that way.

Let me just treasure the sweet memories, let them linger around me. Let them be my constant dose against longing and loneliness. Let them fill my face with smiles and not regrets. Just give me those as your gift. I But do no not, I repeat, do not give me a promise that you cannot keep. I do not need anything else.

I can go on my own, just tell me explicitly. In the first place, I started this journey on my own. You tag along and those part of the walk were simply amazing. That part of the journey will never be replicated. And now, I know that you must go. Walk on your own path without looking back, without any hesitation.

I need comfort. And maybe, I can have that without any attachment to you. I Please let me sever my attachment from you. Let it be my goodbye. Goodbye.