“Frame or No Frame”

I have joined many art competitons in my time, but one thing that makes me wonder is why do we have to frame our work? if we can mount instead?

Sure, if you are already an established artist you can frame all you want, but what about those artists who are struggling, those who are relying on donations from the other people?

Art organizers should be open to the reality that not every artist can frame their work.

Heck, at times they cannot even buy decent food for themselves; let alone have their work framed. We all know framing an artwork is very expensive, and it even cost more for bigger work.  A lot of struggling artists are forced to borrow money from other people so they can have their work framed.

Photo by freephotocc (Pixabay)

Moreover, art competitions are very strict when it comes to framing.

There’s this stigma na “kapag hindi naka-frame disqualified ka na.”

I think we should change this saying to  “ok lang kahit na hindi naka-frame, lagyan mo na lang ng scotch tape sa gilid”.

Art competitions here in the Philippines is widely respected worldwide.

Personally, I think art competitions and art organizers should also understand the reality of being an artist; that it is hard to produce works that are truly remarkable, the struggles they have to go through to join art contests and then all they can say is “disqualified ka dahil hindi nakaframe ang   gawa mo”.

paintings photo
Photo by marktegethoff

It hurts to see an artist bringing their work home and not having a chance in an art contest. You are discouraging artists to become great artists, just because they lack financial support. Is it because an art competition has to be perfect, and is it because art is also an investment?

Anyway, here’s hoping that art organizers would be open-minded to the fact that struggling artists can’t work  well because of their lack of support from the government and  I think framing an artwork should be “optional”.

To art organizers and artists, what can you say about this concern?

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