For You, Mama

for uAnd so life goes on without you even noticing it. Sometimes you want to go back, other times you look forward. Either way no one knows what will really happen. What you have right now is the present- the air you breath, the things you see, the reasons you smile. It may not always make you contented no matter what you do, there will always be something wrong or something incomplete. You may ask why and look for answers yet still nothing can do. On the other way around, you can enjoy whatever it is that you have.

Seize every moment of this life, the pain the happiness the longing. You only have one shot in this planet we call earth.

Time machine is not yet invented.

I doubt if God will ever allow. Cause maybe He wants us to know how give importance, how to learn from mistakes, and how to enjoy.


I may not hold your hand every day, or hear your voice whenever i want or feel the warmth of your embrace whenever I’m sick and needs attention, we may be miles apart and doing things exactly differently, i wish to tell you that I love you. R

Remember my face smiling and encouraging you to go on. Because, we are each other’s strength.

Somewhere God has plans only that only He ever knows, slowly He reveals this plan to us as we go through our life.

Somewhere some time I wish to sit beside you silently as we watch the sun go down to look forward to the following day.

soon. .

I know.

Your world maybe as busy as hell that finding enough time to breath is hard. Please have some rest just for a while. Take a deep breath, and together with me whisper to yourself WE CAN DO IT!

I’m telling this as much as I’d like to tell it to myself.

See? I’m learning. I may not anymore the little girl you left years ago but I begin to mature.

Somewhere I know.

Life can never be easy.

It’s not the paradise nor the playground I can fantasized.

Yet still,

I can laugh. I can cry. And I can smile.

Whenever I fall down on my knees I will know how to stand straight again and keep on going with head held high.

I miss you mama.

so much.

be safe.


Another friend of mine bid her goodbye.

I didn’t expect myself to feel so alone.

Nostalgic about the feeling of being left.

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"bata" ang madalas nilang itawag sa akin, kung bakit, well, sekreto yun pero tingin ko alam mo na. kung sino man ako, depende yun sa sitwasyun sa mood ko kaya siguro ikaw na bahala. . . generally, i sleep. i walk. i eat. i laugh. i go to school. i cry. i smile. i got lots of moods a day. i talk. i value my friends. i'm lazy. i love to read. i love to write. i'm a good listener. i love music and books and movies and having fun I'M A COACH. I'M A PLAYER. i am who i am. i'd like to know you. i still think i'm normal but i have ABNORMALITY ATTACKS:))