Flick Review: The Trial

10/26/2014 10:52:33 AM

Warning: some parts of this article could spoil your ass off.

It’s been a long while since I last dug a couch and watched a film that is not really my type: heavy drama, especially the family-catered ones. Considering this: the last time perhaps I hit a drama-related flick was Sean Ellis’ Metro Manila; but if we’re really talking about the movie for the family here, it was 1996 (then a Kinder 2 student) when I saw Ama, Ina, Anak at Ali Mall cinema in Cubao. The Jose Javier Reyes-directed flick stars Edu Manzano, Maricel Soriano, and Angelica Panganiban.

Since then, we can only afford to see more romance-driven pictures from ABS-CBN’s film firm with the exception for the following: Tanging Yaman and Anak.

Ironically though after 18 years, I have seen another Star Cinema drama product titled The Trial (and yes, in cinemas again).


Talk about a mentally-challenged 27-year-old Ronald Jimenez (portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz) facing a trial after allegedly raping her teacher Bessy Buenaventura (Jessy Mendiola), with broad complex plot obstacles in the process, including Ronald’s family background, his connection with a late young advocate, Bessy’s relationship , and her school’s reputation.

Now, at least you know how far a “process of judgment” can go. Yes, even way beyond issues, personalities and overall environment.

At first, I could have thought of watching this movie a few days earlier only if my well-being cooperated enough. But finally, last Saturday evening, I got a fat chance to steal one. And after seeing the 130 minuter, I wasn’t disappointed at all despite having a huge burden during that stretch.

If I have to be technical here, maybe it would fall more on the moviehouse’s part than the moviemakers, as Ronald narrates at the first few minutes to the story, some names displayed in the very left and right portions of the opening credits didn’t fit the screen.

Other than that would go for the project itself; like some scenes didn’t have much headroom, while they used too many flashback devices, Jessy Mendiola’s ‘limited’ exposure and a certain scene in courtroom having an off-timing to focus on Ronald. But whatever these flaws have, the story’s impact backed them up. Besides, one can argue: “that’s art right there.”

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