Flavors of Life

ice creamLife is not a bed of roses nor plant full of thorns. It has always ups and downs.It’s just like ice cream that comes on different flavors in different stores. Some you can’t resist, some you can live without. Some your going to eat, some your going to keep and some your going to give away.

Ice cream you can’t resist are those with flavors you particularly like. This maybe your ambition that serves as the driving force in your life. This is something that makes you aspire more in every single moment of your life, the torch at the end of the climb or simply the star in the unreachable sky. The “perfect one” the “destiny” or the “soul mate” could be another. This person simply gets the sanity out of you whenever he’s around. He or she could be the one you see your future with. Someone you’re going to share the rest of your life with. Someone who will share with the sweetness and bitterness of your chosen ice cream.

Ice cream you are about to keep are those people, things or habits very valuable to you. First could be your family or your treasured friends. You know they will be there through thick and thin. They will stand by you in the rainy or sunny days of your life. Next could be your most prized possessions. The investments you acquired, the money in the bank or the job you have. These are the things that matters to you dearly.

Ice cream you are about to give away are those things or people not essentials in your life. They are the ones who made you laugh, who made you cry but in the end has not made a great impact in your life. Your colleagues, acquaintances, even neighbors that are dispensable. They are not essentials in the way that they are simply icing on your cake, the sprinkles in your ice cream.

Lastly, the ice cream you cannot live without should be your relationship with the ice cream maker; your Creator, your God. The One who made all those flavors possible for you. The One who guided and lead you to make the choice of flavors suited for you. The One who made such a good ice cream especially just for you!

So lets have a taste of the flavors in your life.

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