Five Things in Life


Once, there was a young guy who was fortunate enough to reach his dream at very young age. With dedication, brilliance and charm, he was able to make his way towards success. He became well-known in his profession, respected by so many and capable of having every luxury he wanted.

He was raised by his parents with every life lessons the good couple was capable of sharing. The son was raised inculcating the lesson to live life prioritizing the most important things. They always tell the boy that in life, luxury and material things matters the least. He must prioritize achievement and hard work rather than tangible things. But achievements were not absolute as well for it only lasts for a certain time.

So instead, he must prioritize friends and his loved one (girlfriend) more. But friends and girlfriend, in a way, were also not absolute, so the parents tell the boy to prioritize family more than them. And lastly, but most importantly, the parents told the boy that family is also not absolute, there would come a time when his family would not be available for him, so he must prioritize God, above anyone else.

The boy grew up living on these principles. Going to church was part of his life, listening to God’s words had been a part of who he is. He was happy then.

He grew up having a good relationship with the family, one in which communication had been a necessity. They usually have family dates; they watch movies together and eat in cozy restaurants. They celebrate birthdays and holidays with each other, and as a routine, eating dinner altogether. He was happy then.

Then he made friends, most of them he treats as brothers and sisters, people whom he kept friendship for so long. They use to have night out, celebrate each others’ success. They use to share stories, laughter and tears. In them he sees himself. He was fortunate enough to found a love of his life, a girl offering much love and care. He was happy then.

He was able to land a good job. He works hard in order to achieve his goal. He shows genuine dedication, and was praised because of that. Promotion comes, and success was flowing for him. He was happy then.

As success comes, he was been capable of every luxury he wanted. Gadgets were overflowing, a car maybe, vacation trips and things not considered as necessity. He was able to get hold to all of it. He was happy then… that’s what he thinks.

For after some time, the boy changes his priorities.

As he tastes the luxury of the tangible things, he craves for more. He started to work very hard, ignoring the call of his body to stop. Success was the only goal in his mind, for with success comes the things he wanted. Within success comes power, so he set his mind only in his goal. He ignored friends’ invitation to go out, even to the point of not answering phone calls. No more night out; no more talks. His relationship with his girlfriend was on-the-rocks. Then suddenly they broke up.

Frustrated with what happened, he started making new friends, and this time, he makes sure he will enjoy limitless. Going out whenever he can, making friends became his goal next to success. He was able to have a girlfriend. And yes, it started sweet. He was happy again…. that’s what he thinks.

He went out to every friend’s invitation, choosing a night out instead of staying for a family dinner intended to celebrate his parent’s anniversary. He also prioritizes his girlfriend; they were so busy with each other, he never been able to at least let his family know the girl. He seldom talks to his family; his parents were just another face. His brother and sister were strangers. Then, he was isolated. His family has no idea where he was at times. He became angry at his family whenever he felt some restraints, worries are restrictions for him. So he was living life on his own circle.

He never went to church, nor listen to God’s words. When is the last time he prays? He didn’t know. Praying is an activity he so long forgotten.

Then it came.

His hunger for luxury and success feeds in him instead. Everything broke apart. Lost his job, lost his car, lost things he gave importance to, he lost every material thing he has.

People he called friends went missing one by one. No more night out, no more laughter and talks. He was living life miserably. His girlfriend got pregnant, and he decided to let the child be aborted. His mistake; for his girlfriend died of bleeding as a complication of the abortion.

He was broken, shattered into pieces. Guilt was killing him, for in his conscience lays the burden for his child and his girlfriend’s death. He has no one to talk to, no one to cry for help. He never intend to go back to his family, he was ashamed. Then, he decided to end it all by taking his own life. Prior doing the deed, he remembers to pray. He asked for forgiveness for everything, and if allowed, he wanted another chance.

He woke up in a place where everything is white. As he opens his eyes, he saw a crucifix hanging on the wall. He stared at it, as if something in his memory was brought back by that view. He stares at it, as if by making it, he will find answers on every question he has.

Then suddenly, he remembers the lessons given to him. Prioritize things in your life.

God must be put in the highest place. (He remembers it as he stares on the crucifix).

Family comes next. (He remembers it as he glanced unto the side of the beds and sees his family quietly sleeping beside his hospital bed).

Friends and loved one should follow. (He remembers it as he saw some old faces of friend he saw entering the door of his room. He saw some old, but genuine friends visiting him in his worst time. His ex-girlfriend also entering the door.)

Then, achievements and hard work. (Thinking this made him cry).

Which makes every material thing as the least.

How about you, what’s your priority in life?

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