Five Reasons why Failures are Better Molder of People Than Success

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1. Failures teach us to make do of what is left of us.

To undo our mistakes, we become creative, and we keep our brains active and find ways to rise up from our fall. Unchallenged success sometimes makes us slow down, relax and rest on our laurels. Whereas if we fail, we continue to learn and practice until we reach our goal.

2. It keeps us hopeful and closer to God.

When you are reaping all the success early on in life – you will not learn the meaning of hope, which is one of the greatest gifts God has bestowed upon us. You will lean on your own strength. and might have a delusion that you are indestructible.

Sadly, when people are enjoying the fruits of their success without difficulties, they will seldom acknowledge God’s part on it. However when people experience a setback, and they have put their trust in God during those trying times, their life will take a different turn and surely, it will be towards God.

3. Humility is the string that keeps us from floating above ground.

Nothing can provide that string better, than having experienced failures in life. The smile of a humble person, who has finally bounced back, comes from a heart that knows how it is to be down and out.

I would like to mention the case of the comedian Wally Bayola. Everybody knows how he was embroiled in a video scandal that almost cost him his only means of livelihood – entertaining people. The people’s view of him has turned upside down from being an afternoon family entertainer — he became a laughingstock for being almost a porn star.

He was suspended for a time with no guarantee of ever being called back again, until his management felt that the people are ready to see him again on television. I witnessed his very awkward first few weeks back on the afternoon show. His smiles were pained, he was trying to make jokes, but you can see that he is between crying and smiling. He knows, he has offended many people, he has shamed himself and his family, and that obviously makes him very uncomfortable to make people laugh.

Nevertheless, because he has learned his lesson in a very painful way – he will be more aware of his actions and will put value, where his life depended on. That episode in his life definitely humbled him and changed him as a person especially that he was given a second chance.

4. People who have been through failures and different challenges in life will understand the people who are going through the same situation.

They can relate to them because they know opportunities are never equal for everyone. We all have different gifts and personal circumstance — and that is the truth. However, success is free for the taking for everyone — if you are willing to pay the price. Moreover, failure oftentimes is a catalyst for anyone- to succeed in life.

Those who have chosen to be comfortable in their simple life will always be respected by people who have been there because they know how it feels to be struggling.

5. People who have experienced defeat have stronger characters.

They used defeat to their advantage, they are more careful and do not boast on their success because they know, it did not come easy. They respect other people’s hard work, and are discipline themselves. When people experienced failure and was able to rise from it — their idea of life becomes bigger. The possibilities to them become limitless.

They know that life is not all bright, but even in the darkest moments the strong come out stronger – that is when they shine brightest.

When Manny Pacquiao experienced that terrifying knocked out from Juan Manuel Marquez — he thanked God harder, he prayed harder and practiced harder. He knew that failure is temporary.

Because no matter what happens if your faith and character is intact–you will always be a winner.

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