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Often times I hear a lot of people giving degrading remarks to those who write. Weird, bizarre, peculiar, and sometimes even the word psycho is attached to them. But reflecting on the truths and realizations I have, a person who writes is not a bad sort. Honestly, I would advise some people to find someone who writes as their partners.

Yes, find a boy who writes.

Find a boy who writes, because he knows things to prioritize. He may not be at every hot bar and cozy places. He may not have been able to listen to every awesome band you’ve heard; neither been on a dance floor with the most spectacular lights you’ve ever seen. He may not know the difference between a latte and machiato, nor care what is an espresso. But believe me; he knows greater places than you’ve been. He sneaks out in windows just to be on rooftops, a place where he can commune with stars far and wide. He thinks of life stories as he holds his back, wishing his girl could see the same sparkling lights, thinking that somewhere among those stars lay his luck, to finally meet a girl he truly loves.

He only knows milk or coffee, or, most of the time, hot chocolate. He knows that more than the drink’s taste, the real sweetness lies with words he will utter while you are sipping the drink he personally prepared.

Find a boy who writes; who knows the true nature of reality. He spends less on clothes and luxuries, nor buy a car if not in need. He will let you eat on a cheap restaurant, walk on streets and stop at every street-food stall you would come across. You’ll see, he will smile and laugh with every vendor, exchange jokes and funny conversations. You would notice how he carelessly buy so many stuffs at every stall, that you would start thinking he will waste them all. Then he will ask you to sit on a playground, look for a swing or a bench. He will let you eat most of the food he buys, and then share the stories of every vendor you’ll meet. You’ll see how he knows who among them is a breadwinner, who has a sick mother or a disabled father. You’ll see how he knows who is working for her tuition fee, or who is working for his hungry siblings. You’ll see that in every cent he spends on times he is with you, were not intended just to impress you.

Find a boy who writes, because he knows what effort means. He knows where to bring you; he knows what things to appreciate. A usual man will give you flowers; he will buy the most expensive flowers available in shops. It will come with the sweetest chocolates you can imagine. But a boy who writes will not give you flowers arranged in a glamorous manner. Instead, he will give you a flower complete with stem, leaves, roots and some good amount of loam soil; fresh and just out from the plant box. He knows you might not like it, but what you don’t know is he has read a lot of books on how to grow a healthy rose, and he’d prefer that rose to continue growing with you. It will come with a small funny-looking cupcake with burned edges, hardened and almost impossible to eat. He will smile at you as if everything is perfect; he will endure the burns and bruises on his hands and fingers, as it was his first time baking cupcakes.

Find a boy who writes, because in you, he sees letters, not numbers. Most guys who had been in a relationship sees “gain and lost”. Most will see someone as addition to their self, something he can be proud of because of beauty and fame. They see numbers, they see gains. An increase in ego, an added count, they seek figures, as if wanting to have their ranks up. A boy who writes sees you as letters. He knows the words you weren’t able to utter; he knows how to spell the language behind your sighs. He knows the message behind every movement of your fingers, for they give time to observe you and understand you, like a good material for the story he wants to finish. He knows the story behind your everyday smiles; he knows the reasons behind every tear in your eyes.

Find a boy who writes, because surely, he has imagination or humor, and if you are lucky, maybe both. He will constantly talk to you, as if everything he knows is pouring out. Don’t be irritated; he wants you to know him a little bit more. He wants you to know how he sees everything. How the sky is much bluer, or how an ocean’s wave feels like a good hug. He wants you to know, so that you would see the way he sees. He will make you laugh, both intentional or not. He might be careless at times, clumsy as a three-year-old might be, but these things are the ones you will surely miss, the ones you will hope to seeagain . He will fall, he will get wounded, but the smile on your face will be his analgesic. He will let you see he is ok, for he believes that worries have no space on your face. He will hug you for no reason; kiss your forehead or earlobes. He knows when you need silence, as if he is writing a story’s climax. He knows when to listen, as if examining how the story he is writing will end.

Find a boy who writes, for he has more than you can imagine. You will be surprised that he knows how to cook, for his greatest dream is to wake his girl with a tray of food at her side. He wants to cook a decent soup when his girl is on bed, sick and weary. He dreams of serving pancakes for his sons, or bake chocolate chips for his daughters. He wishes to prepare a special dinner on your anniversary, regardless of the mess he creates in your kitchen. You might be surprise he knows the guitar, and every strum hums the dedication he has to learn. He wishes to sing a song for his girl someday, though not a gifted singe. He wants to sing his girl’s favorite song. He wishes to learn these things, things that would make her girl happy someday.

Find a boy who writes, because he knows how to enjoy life and cherish it. Instead of hanging out in malls or watching movies, he will take you where the sun sets and spreads beautiful golden rays. He will take you where you can see the town in a different view, where everything seems so small yet so wonderful. He will let you love the rain. Instead of running away from the rain, he will let you embrace it, feel it, as if you are a child again. He will take you to long drives, with nowhere specific to go to. He will open the windows during your long drives and let you feel the breeze. He will not give you his jacket like most male movie star do, but rather, he will share his jacket with you, and embrace you when it becomes colder. He will make you realize how awesome it is to stare at rainbows, that even when you are drenched to the skin, there will always be something to smile for. He will let you realize that stars don’t just glow; they run and dance, and he just might teach you how to catch shooting stars and comets. He will make you realize how wonderful flowers bloom and how charming puppies and kittens are. He will let you understand life, and make you realize how every living creature shares the same soul you have.

Find a boy who writes; though he bleeds, you know he is genuine. He knows pain better that any other man. In every story he has written are epitome of fears he has. He knows the feeling of suffering, or how heartaches penetrate. He does cry, and when he does, he cries a lot. He will not be ashamed to let you see it; though it might mar his masculinity, he will not hesitate showing it to you. He’s not perfect, he make mistakes and be at fault. He gets wounded, he can be hurt, and at times he bleeds and falls. Sometimes he falls apart. He’s not superman; he never was invincible, but through every wound and bleeding, you’ll know he is real, he is genuine. He has read so many things, as much as the things he had written. For that, he knows so many truths and stories; some which might let you hate life. But for him, he knows there are reasons for everything, he knows how to track motivations, he knows how to read intentions. With him, you need not to explain so many things, for he knows what you really mean. He knows God, believes in him and serves Him. You can see it in his every work, every lesson reflected in hi writings.

Find a boy who writes, because he knows what the right story is for both of you.  He won’t believe you are his princess, because rather, he knows you are his queen. He believes in every fairy tale he was told when he was little, like you do, and he wants to make his own with you. He will never give you up, because like you, he believes in soul mates and destiny. He doesn’t care if they laugh about it, or if he is called a sissy. As time passes by, he will firmly believe that he will find his girl, no matter what. And when he finds her, rest assured he will write a good story for their entire lifetime. A story set-up in a complicated yet wonderful venue called life, played by vulnerable yet equally-loving casts called ‘us’. He knows that your story is not a chapter by chapter series, but rather, a continuous novel. He knows that you waited for your “once upon a time”, and he will intend to make a true “live happily ever after”. He intends to live life with you, like the way he writes.

He knows all of these. He knows because he is a boy who writes.

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