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Every single Filipino must’ve been consumed with fear and anxiety as of this moment as the super typhoon Yolanda’s making its way towards us. As of this very moment, I am waiting painfully here in the small corner of our office, praying really hard for the safety of my loved ones and of the entire Filipino. And praying for the worst to pass really quickly.

My fear is doubled. You see, I’m situated here in Visayas, Cebu City in particular. And we all know that last month, barely a month ago, we were hit by a monstrous 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed lives and damaged infrastructures and left most people barely nothing but fear and trauma. We haven’t yet fully recovered from that incident. Especially the people in Bohol. And the threat of Yolanda creating more havoc is killing me. The only advantage now is that we were warned and given heads-up and constant updates about the typhoon. Unlike the earthquake in which we have not prepared emotionally and mentally and PHYSICALLY. I just came out of the bathroom when that happened. Draped in nothing but a towel that caused one of my neighbor in opposite sex wide-eyed! Deeeymm!

I am afraid. I keep on asking myself what’s happening to our country. I keep on asking why we are facing almost all kind of calamities. Philippines is a small country to be able to face almost all disasters at once: war, earthquake, floods and typhoons and this PORK BARRELL SCAM! (Okay. You can just disregard the last one. You didn’t see that coming? Betchadidn’t!! :D) And yet I could say that it is one strong and tough country. Huh? What do you say tough and strong citizens of this small but strong and tough country?

Have you read the bible? The part that states about the disasters and calamities and all the things that would happen when the world will end? Or something like that. Me, I haven’t. I’ve only read up until creation, the first part. I haven’t finished until destruction. But I’ve read facebook statuses and group messages about it and I somehow already have an idea. Just an idea. And heavens! That idea sends shrill of fear on my whole being. I mean, gawwwd! It’s all been happening. It is happening! Is it?


The link above is one of my previous entries about disasters. And what can I say? My prediction happened! Don’t worry. I cursed myself a thousand times already for that. But hey! I am somehow right, am I not? This ought to teach us a lesson. Its payback time for Mother Nature.

But hey! Don’t get Mother Nature wrong for fighting back. She’s been patient with us for far way too long already. And her fighting back is not for the bad of us but the opposite. Perhaps she wants us to value things that ought to be valued and not destroyed. She wants us to realize our mistakes and change our ways for the benefit of us all. She wants us to go back to the way we were. Back years and years ago.

Let us go back to the peaceful world the Earth has been. A world where everything is equal and mutually benefiting the things our Creator has offered and given freely. Because right now, those who have money and resources rules and wins, leaving the poor and the humble people with almost nothing. And it’s unfair. These calamities may make us realize that the wealthy and the beggar, the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the errr, not beautiful (in society’s standard), the socially educated and the life educated, ALL OF US, are equal. We all would run for safety, scream our fears out, cry our frustrations to our hearts content and when all else fails, WE ALL PRAY TO THE SAME GOD. And we practically dissolve to the same substance when we would be 6 ft under.

So guys, spread the LOVE. And all in all, let us pray to our one God for our one Goal. The safety of the entire Philippines and beyond. And may Yolanda leave behind the lesson we would bring forward.


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