Filipinos are NOT rude to foreigners unless, we have to be. (In response to Mr Steven Macon)

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Note from the editor: This piece is in response to the article entitled Why are Filipinos so Rude to Foreigners?  written by Mr. Steven Macon, an American who is married to a Filipina. It has been approved and published to make a balanced view of the topic being discussed.


I am tired of watching my race being looked down on.  First, let me tell you  Mr. Steven Macon that s#@t happens to everyone. And that is no reason for you to generalize and judge a whole race just because of a series of bad experiences you have had, some of which you could have possibly caused yourself.  And to my fellow Filipinos, I am not a sensitive person.  For one, I never cared less for what people say about me.  I just do not like foreigners assuming that all Filipinos would agree to whatever they have to say just because they are white.

I am not writing this article to disprove my fellow Pinoys’ behaviour (those that you have mentioned), nor to defend them.  I have been a victim of such tactics myself being married to a foreign national.  There is no justification to take advantage of other people just because of the colour of their skin.  However, you have no right to generalize about how we behave towards foreigners. We all have crosses to bear and my race is battling a bitter social stigma.  A series of it worse than your petty complaints about your unlucky encounters with some of us.  Maybe the uneducated Filipinos think all Americans are rich because they live in America.  It is a sign of us looking up on the western world which I absolutely think is wrong.  So which is worse, being in your end or being one of us?   I wish I was stupid most times so I would not know that I am a victim of stereotyping myself.

You said,” we are dependent on two things to keep our economy afloat,” well, our economy might be in its worst but certainly we have people who are in the Philippines who work in offices, who pay taxes and contribute to the country’s annual budget, do we?  We have professionals, yes we produce intelligent Filipinos, working in the Philippines who are far more excellent than some Americans can ever be.  So please, if you do not like the Philippines pack your bags and leave.  I think foreigners especially Americans have stayed long enough in our country they should stop interfering with our affairs and let us solve our problems our own way.  We do not need more Americans in the Philippines.  You have done us enough damage.

We are one of the poorest countries in the world.  Our success is overshadowed by our failures.  But you know what makes me proud being a Filipino? In spite of our circumstances, the problems we have with our corrupt government, our  desperation to get out of poverty and our constant but silent fight against people who judge us, we still manage to smile and see the brighter side of things.  We believe in the good, we stand up and carry on after a fall.  We are resilient to the adversities being thrown at us.  We are not perfect and we will not insist we are better than any other race.

There is a saying, “Respect begets respect.”  Maybe we are treated with respect because we know how to respect other culture’s values. What I find most shocking is not what you have said Mr. Macon but how you have said it.  Your article is full of hatred and disgust of us Filipinos that I suggest you divorce your wife then.  Leave the Philippines and never come back because I think nobody would miss you.  I would not flinch if you call me rude.




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